Zines Aren’t Dead: How to Make a Zine at Home


Are you looking for a fun, new, and creative activity you can complete right from home? Have you ever considered making a zine?

A zine is a small booklet that you can self publish. The content is somewhere between a newsletter and a magazine. This is a great way to get creative and build a community where others can contribute work to your zine as well.

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To figure out how to make a zine, keep reading. This DIY project is one that is unique, useful, and lets you create whatever content speaks to you.

Figure out Your Focus

Starting a zine can be intimidating and open-ended because the sky is the limit. You can make things easier on yourself by establishing a theme, or deciding what your zine will be about. Consider your content, and what you are feeling, or what you want to create for the zine.

When deciding what type of zine you want to make, consider style and genre. Some zines may focus on poetry, while others may use photos or comics.

If you want to use different types of genres, consider picking a subject or focus that will bring all of these materials together. You could also change your topic weekly to change things up and allow for endless creations.

Find the Right Format

There are tons of different zine formats to choose from, and some are easier to make than others. The first thing you will want to figure out is whether you want your zine to be published digitally or as physical copies.

For a physical copy format, you will pick from paper and bounding types, such as stitch-bound zines, perfect-bound zines, and accordion zines. There are easy ways to access zine printing online that will deliver the finished copies straight to your door.

Working With Others

Making a solo zine is totally doable, but if you want to collaborate with others, this can be a great way to diversify your content. This can be a great project to work on with others who are passionate about your topic, as it’s a laid back and fun process.

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In some cases, the more voices and ideas that go into an artistic project, the better. This can also allow you to distribute your zines to a larger audience. Consider working with a team or asking others in your community for contributions to your zine.

Planning Your Zine Design

After you’ve established your zine topic and format, you will want to clarify your design. You will want to get more specific and figure out how you want your zine to look.

Knowing what impression you want to leave readers with can help you align your design with your purpose. You want to make sure your design effectively communicates your ideas while also intriguing and entertaining readers. Figure out what will make your zine different to make sure it stands out from the rest.

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Design principles you will want to consider are fonts, colors, formats, paper qualities, and visuals. Your stylistic choices will change how your subject is viewed and will send messages to your reader. Aligning your design to your zine’s vision can help you to make the best design choices for you.

Consider the Zine Organization

When you have all of the contributions ready to go for your zine, you will want to figure out the best way to organize it. Depending on your content, you may want to separate your zone into different sections that work well together or have the entire zine flow together organically.

You may also ask whether your zine would benefit from some traditional publication methods, such as an introduction or a table of contents. You may also want to work with an editor or add one to your team to look out for typos or other formatting issues.

Sharing Your Zine

You will want to consider how you plan to distribute your zine once it’s ready to be shared with the world. If you’re going the physical copy route, you should give your contributors a copy, and urge them to share copies with their family and friends as well. Consider handing out copies or sending them in the mail.

You may also try to sell them at a store in your area that sells local goods or comic books. There are also zine festivals and fairs to help you build a relationship with zine fans, makers, and contributors.

If you’re making a digital version of your zine, post it online, or make a website for your zine, where you can post each issue in the form of a PDF. You could ask people to subscribe to an email list, and you could send them the digital copy of your zine as soon as you publish it. This will allow people to print their own copy at home if they wish.

You will then want to think about how you will promote your zine, through word of mouth or social platforms, to grow a steady audience of readers.

Your Guide on How to Make a Zine

Now that you know how to make a zine, you can start taking these steps towards this awesome, collaborative, and creative project. Once you’ve done the necessary planning and figured out your niche, you can start creating zines with total ease. Take your creativity and put it into a zine for a project with endless artistic possibilities.

If you’re interested in making a website for your zine, head to the “make a website” section on our site.

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