Your Cash, Your Cash: A Guide to YouTube Monetization

YouTube Monetization

Did you know that with close to 7.04 billion views, the catchy “baby shark” video has now broken the world record as the most-viewed YouTube video ever? With such a high number of views, the Pinkfong, the video’s original owners will be smiling or the way to the bank for a long while. You could, too, if you start monetizing your YouTube content soon enough. 

Today, YouTube boasts of having close to 5 billion views every day. These statistics are the basis on which YouTube monetization has become an exciting conversation for creators. If you’re a content developer, monetizing on YouTube should be your next big focus. 

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Are you wondering how to capitalize on your YouTube channel? In this article, we reflect on how to make YouTube a money-making venture. 

1. Focus on Paid Endorsements 

One of the easiest ways to mint money from YouTube involves focusing on paid endorsements. If this sounds complex to you, think about sponsorships or brand deals and how much they can bring in returns. Endorsements refer to pieces of content that contain marketing messages based on opinions, beliefs, or experiences. 

When you enter into a brand deal with a corporate as a creator, your goal is to integrate their products seamlessly into your videos. Sometimes, all it takes is to reach out to companies with a proposal to team up. 

You may start with a company that’s willing to cover at least the nominal costs of making your videos. However, for you to monetize in this way, you also need to have a sizable viewership base. This will give your corporate partners the confidence that you can push their brand.  

2. Collect Revenue Through YouTube Ads

Are you wondering how to go about YouTube Monetization? Ad targeting is one of the sure ways of minting cash from YouTube. For you to start making money through YouTube ads, you need to first hit 10,000 views on your channel. 

YouTube is rather particular about such requirements. Remember that your ability to make money on YouTube depends on the amount of watch time for your content. You then need to be part of the YouTube partners program before gaining monetary benefits from YouTube. 

More corporates now understand the role of ad targeting on YouTube and the options at their disposal. If you want to be part of this changing approach to marketing and make money while at it, you might need to learn more about ad targeting on YouTube. 

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3. Channel Membership

Did you know that for every new member subscription on YouTube, you get around $3.49 in revenue? This is more reason why YouTube has become one of the most lucrative revenue streams today.

Are you considering ways to achieve YouTube monetization? Just by growing your membership subscriptions, you could be on the path towards a fatter paycheck. YouTube takes up around 30% of the total subscription revenue due to YouTube channel owners. 

This means that you have close to 70% of the total revenue from membership subscriptions to yourself. Monetizing on YouTube through membership subscriptions can be a sure way to grow your passive income. 

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4. Linking Merchandise Shelves 

Did you know that you can make money by selling your merchandise on YouTube? This is possible using the YouTube merch shelves. All you need is to turn on the merch shelf on your YouTube channel then link it to your official merchandise store.  

Once you follow the onscreen instructions, you’ll have a chance to promote official branded merchandise with incredible results. You only need to have 10,000 subscribers for you to have a merchandiser’s account. 

A creator with at least 5,000 views per month makes between $1 and $20 from the merch shelves. The rates go up depending on the number of views per month. The interesting bit is that even creators with millions of views sometimes don’t take advantage of such income streams. 

Some creators with merch shelves currently make as much as $3,480 per month from YouTube. This could be a sure source of income for you. 

5. Super Chats and Super Stickers

If you think that you have exhausted your sources of YouTube monetization, then think again. Accounts with at least 1,000 subscribers stand to gain from a relatively uncommon feature on YouTube called super chat. 

With super chats, you only need to have a constant community of followers to boot. These subscribers purchase chat messages, which in return stand out once pinned on top of a chat feed.  Channels with a large following often present a perfect opportunity for your subscribers to take advantage of the traffic. 

In return for their products appearing tops, they pay you through super chats and super stickers. Viewers can therefore pay to pin a comment on any live streams on your channel. As with other monetizing options, YouTube takes around 30% of the total revenue from super chats. 

Basics to Consider Before You Start Monetizing 

Before you can start monetizing your YouTube channels, you need to meet a few requirements. YouTube requires that each monetizing channel must have at least 1000 subscribers. On top of this, you also need to have at least 4000 hours of watch time over your channel’s total lifetime. 

You also need to adhere to the strict rules YouTube sets in the policies and guidelines section. Failure to adhere to these rules could put you in trouble with YouTube and limit your monetizing chance. You also need to apply and get admission to the YouTube partnership program before you can enjoy the benefits. 

Find Your Way around YouTube Monetization Today 

Creators have now embraced the capacity of YouTube to pay them for content created. As this ship sets sail, it would be a great blunder if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity to monetize. Are you wondering how to make use of YouTube monetization? 

This guide provides you with all the answers. With this information, monetization on YouTube is no easier. 

Did you find this article useful? You can read much more on how to create blogs and websites in our subsequent articles. 

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