How to Write a Men’s Blog Men Will Actually Read

mens blog

mens blog

Anyone that’s been in a relationship can tell you that men have limited attention spans.

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In fact, studies have shown that it takes just 6 minutes for men to stop listening to their partners. Certain topics like emotional feelings and work are sure to turn men off.

This begs the question, how does one get men to intellectually engage?

In terms of a blog post, there are specific rules of thumb to follow to keep men interested.

Read on to learn how to write an effective men’s blog.

Key to a Men’s Blog – Use an Attention Grabbing Headline

The headline is the most important statement in a blog post. Men are saturated with information thanks to social media and the internet.

As men scroll quickly down a social media newsfeed, a click-worthy headline is the only way to reach step two.

A valid argument can be made that the headline is more important than the content. One supporting fact is that 80% of blog visitors read the headline, while only 20% read the entire article.

There are a number of tips to create a great headline. These include tactics like incorporating a statistic or developing a unique headline.

Select a Topic that Men Care About

There are certain topics that men care about more than others. For example, men enjoy reading about sports and money.

Men also care about the way they look, so topics such as fashion and grooming are in play. Fitness blogs are popular because many men are interested in gaining muscle and sculpting the body.

Lifestyle is another popular blog topic for men. This includes subjects like career development and traveling the world.

While medical topics are not always comfortable, they do drive web traffic for me. A blog post for Steinburg Urology testosterone replacement therapy is sure to appeal to men.

Get to the Point

Nothing loses a male’s focus quicker than beating around the bush. The best advice for blog content is getting to the point.

Write a concise introduction that clearly spells out the blog’s primary objective. Drop convincing statistics that quickly squash any sense of disbelief and bolster the argument.

Tell a compelling personal story that men can relate to. These are a few of the many different tactics a blogger can use to keep men engaged.

Use Imagery to your Advantage

Men like to quickly scan content, rather than diligently read. The popularity of mobile devices has hastened this trend.

One way to combat scanning is to use powerful images. The brain absorbs imagery much faster than text, which is a benefit in today’s fast-paced environment.

Companies like Apple have received the message loud and clear. For instance, Apple designed its new operating system to emphasize fun photo messaging.

Wrapping It Up

Considerations must be made when targeting men with blog content. An engaging headline with powerful imagery is a must to keep men engaged.

Writing about topics that men care about is also critical. For more information on writing an effective men’s blog, please contact us for assistance.