Workstation Priorities: 8 Office and Desk Ideas to Spruce up Your Blogging Station

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There are more than 500 million blogs online. With so many blogs online, you know you have to stay at the top of your game if you’re going to get the attention that you need to succeed as a blogger.

Success as a blogger means creating consistently interesting content that your readers love and are happy to share with their friends and family.

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One of the problems that you might come up against is lack of motivation. One of the simple things you can do to keep yourself from feeling less than motivated is keeping your desk looking amazing.

Continue reading this article for desk ideas that will keep your fingers moving so your blog can continue to thrive.

Must-Know Desk Ideas for Your Blogging Station

Whether you’re working on collaborative workstations or you’re working on your own, you can use the following ideas to make your workplace inspiring and motivating.

1. Flexible Workspace

Bloggers are free spirits. You know you are and part of the beauty of being a blogger is that you’re able to be flexible about where you work.

You can go to the local coffee shop and work on your blog or even sit by the beach and listen to the waves while you’re typing. Type faster and you get to go dip your feet in the waves!

While this all sounds great, you do need a main workspace in your place of residence. This is where the magic happens.

Just because you’re in the same space, it doesn’t mean that you have to only work in one position while you’re there. Think about desks that can convert from sitting to standing as well as keyboards that you can change up the position so that your wrists don’t get tired.

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2. Bring Nature Inside

Even though you can change your place of work pretty easily when you’re a blogger, sometimes you can’t go outside because of the weather. A great idea is bringing the outside inside!

Find some great low maintenance plants that can watch you as you’re blogging away. You can even set your desk up with some plants or make your desk out of materials that give you an outdoor vibe.

Really whatever makes you feel like you’re in your happy outdoor spot while still being inside and safe from the elements is a win.

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3. Max Out the Technology

If you need more than one screen, you can get a two-screen display set up on your desk. When you’re doing a lot of research for your blog, it is helpful to have the information on one screen while you’re typing away on the other.

If you’re not super techy, you might need to have someone come in and help you out with your super blogger setup.

4. Bring in the Light

If your space feels a little dim and hum-drum, it’s time to bring in the light. You can go beyond opening the windows.

Instead of just opening up the windows or using light shades grab some cool looking lamps and position them in different dark areas of the room. You should especially focus on bringing fun lighting to your desk.

To bring great lighting to your desk, you don’t have to have a lamp on your desk. You can choose to get a tall lamp that stands on the floor and hangs over your workspace. So that it is easy to use, make sure that it can move freely to where you want it to be. 

5. Bulletin Board Over Your Desk

You might not want to put sticky notes all over your computer or desk but when you put a bulletin board over your desk, you can put as many memos up there as you want.

Bulletin boards are a great place to put your blog ideas so you can mull them over and figure out if they have any meat on their bones or if you need to dig deeper.

6. Your Favorite Mug

If you don’t have a spot for your favorite mug — are you really a blogger? Bloggers run on coffee! So, don’t forget to grab your favorite mug and reward yourself with coffee when you finish your first draft or get done proofreading a blog post.

7. Don’t Forget the Knick-Knacks

No, knick-knacks are not distracting. Knick-knacks are inspirational and can help you be more productive when you’re working away at your new blog idea.

Try to find some things that remind you of your goals. If you want to plan a trip to Asia then maybe you put a dragon on your desk to remind you that this blog is getting you one step closer to seeing the Great Wall.

8. Colorful or Themed Office Supplies

There’s no reason that blogging should ever be boring. The same goes for your office supplies.

Get your favorite themed or colorful office supplies — pencils for jotting down notes, paper clips for keeping your ideas organized and maybe you’ll even get a bright yellow stapler.

Bright colors are proven to boost your mood, so don’t skip this step.

Become a Blogging Master

Now that you have your desk ideas in order, you can get your space fixed up for more blogging mastery.

There are many more tips and tricks on our blog that can help you take your blog to the next level. Don’t miss out on any of them by making sure to bookmark our website to come back and read more soon.

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