Why Start a Blog? 50+ Reasons Why You Should

Why Blog

“Matt, why do you blog?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question.

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Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of On Blast Blog, or you’ve just stumbled into my humble domain (pun intended), you’ve all seen or at least read some sort of blog in your life.

These days, you can’t go three steps on the internet without stumbling upon some sort of blog.

Why are there so many?

Why blog, what’s the big deal?

sheep chewingMore importantly: Why are 172,800 blogs created each day?

Clearly a lot of people are jumping on board, so today I’m going to show you 50 reasons why you should be on this bandwagon.

Blogging is the future, and it’s something anyone can do, and I mean anyone. (including the sheep above)

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50 Reasons to Start Blogging Today (not tomorrow)

1. You Learn Countless New Things Every Day

In my time blogging, I’ve learned about everything from electric shavers, to quantum physics, and now blog design and SEO.


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When you start blogging, not only do you learn more about the things you’re passionate about, but as you pick up other freelance jobs, you’ll learn about tons of other things as well.

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve become the smartest person in the room at family get-togethers.

2. Blogging Generates Clear Thinking

Pulling ideas out of the air and focusing on them in a critical sense is not something you learn in school.


It’s a skill that only blogging can teach you. It helps you dive deeper into the subjects you tackle. It forces you to look further than you ever have and in the process become a smarter, clearer thinker.

3. You’ll Become an Amazing Writer

While you don’t need to be a writer to blog, it will turn you into one. It’s funny how easily the words flow when you are writing about something you care about.

The best part?

You don’t have to follow any specific design or flow beyond standard spelling and grammar.

You’ll pick up new skills, and in the process become a faster and better writer than you ever were before blogging.

4. It Boosts Your Self-Esteem and Confidence

As you start writing posts and putting them online, you’ll notice that people are reading them. People will compliment your work and flock to you for advice.


Suddenly you feel better about yourself. You feel valued, appreciated, and confident. You should too, because people want to read what you write. That’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.

5. Blogging Makes You a Better Conversationalist

As people start following your blog, you’ll see emails coming in, comments, and more. These interactions you have with other people will combine with the natural way that you write to make you a better speaker in general.

When you meet with friends and family in real life, suddenly you’ll have more to talk about and you’ll express yourself more clearly.

6. You Can Make Some Serious $$$

Oh yes, you can absolutely make money blogging. There are multiple ways to bring in a full-time income through your blog.
bank account

Everything from selling ad space, to publishing and selling your own books. If you own a business, starting a blog for it can help you reach countless new customers and prospects.

7. It Empowers You to Aid Causes You Care About

Is there a specific cause or charity group that you’ve always wanted to donate to? Your blog is the platform by which you can help support this cause. Head online, and write about why you feel that this cause/organization deserves more donations.

Put your heart into it and provide a link to the cause and means to donate. Suddenly, you’ve made a huge difference, and was all because you decided to blog.

8. You Don’t Need any Degrees or Prior Knowledge

There’s no masters degree in blogging (that I know of) which means you don’t need a specific type of degree to be a blogger.

Sure, having training is always nice, but it’s not required. In fact, blogging is so accessible that many schools and colleges are blogging in the classroom to better teach their students and give them hands-on experience.

9. It Pushes You to Try New Things

Maybe you’ve never had the need to make a Facebook page, or perhaps Twitter has always been a mystery to you. On another note, maybe you’ve always been hesitant of writing online because you think people won’t like your ideas. With a blog, all of these things are needed to make it successful.

Other elements will put you in a new setting, but they will push you try out new things like web design and SEO. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet, you’ll be glad you tried it.

10. Blogging isn’t Expensive!

Blogs don’t cost very much at all to create. You may hear about free blogs, but these are not for you because they don’t have any long-term viability.

Instead, you can own a piece of the internet and create something that is wholly your own for less than $4 per month!

Once you know how to start a blog, the price is less than what you pay for your morning coffee.



11. You Get an Audience

Like a band or an opera singer, you will have a metaphorical crowd of people all sitting before you, hanging on your every word.

Everyone wants to have an audience like that, and blogging gives you that following.

12.  You’ll Become a Mentor and Inspire Others

Your blog allows you to share what motivates you, but it also lets you provide advice on anything related to your chosen subject.


You may not know it at first, but soon people will start coming to you with stories of how you inspired them to do something and ultimately made their life better as a result.

13. Blogging Creates Change

You simply can’t reach the same amount of people by word of mouth as you can with blogging. Case and point, if you want something to change, you can raise awareness via your blog. Eventually, you will produce enough waves to trigger that change you’ve been working so hard for.

Do you think it’s impossible? In 2012, two girls who were 9 and 13 years old respectively on opposite sides of the world used their blogs to improve school conditions in their homes countries of Brazil and Scotland.

14. It Instills Discipline and Work Ethic

Sticking to a schedule, waking up early, working long hours, these are all things that are very difficult to do.

Your blog gives you the incentive and the motivation you need to get up in the morning and create that discipline and work ethic needed to make it successful.

15. You Gain Credibility in Your Topic

As you write more and more, you suddenly become known as an expert in your field. When writing posts, you will cite your sources, link to places where you found your information, and prove that you know what you’re talking about.

simpsons gif

This builds credibility and trust in your follows who spread the word that you know your stuff.

16. Blogging Can Help you Get Published!

Are you an aspiring writer? With a blog you can promote your work and get people to see it. You can also self-publish your book and market it through your blog to get sales.

Either way, people see your work and some of those people could be publishers.

17. You’ll Get Paid to Speak at Conferences

Many successful bloggers speak publicly at conferences or group meetings on the intricacies of their craft.

Once you get your blog off the ground, someone may take notice and invite you to speak on the subject you’ve proven yourself to be an expert of. Of course, you’ll also get paid which is nice.

18. It Opens Doors for Consulting Positions

Bloggers are essentially consultants, providing advice and actionable tips for people in their audience.

Take a look at Neil Patel for example, his blog has landed him consulting jobs with huge companies like Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, Ebay, and others.

Neil Patel

At times he was paid up to $5,000 per hour for his services.

19. Blogging Opens Doors for Freelance Work

The key to landing freelance gigs is having quality writing samples. What better way to produce such samples than by working on your blog!

Using your blog as a place where people can see your credibility and expertise allows you to reach new clients and prove that you have what it takes.

There are freelance writers with their own blogs out there making six figures each year, all while working from home and spending time with their families.

20. Your Blog Can Promote Your Work

Even if you’re not a writer by trade, your blog can promote your other work and hobbies like painting, music writing, drawing, and anything else that you enjoy.

You can even sell your creations through the site to start making some money.



21. You’ll Pay Better Attention to Detail

To be successful at blogging, you have to move past the surface of what you talk about. You need to dive deeper to find the details that make people’s jaws drop.

As you do this more and more, you’ll suddenly see the details in things you never saw before.

22. It Can be Used to Keep in Touch With Friends and Family

The internet connects all of us. Not only is your blog a means to reach people you’ve never met, but it’s also a way to keep in touch with friends and family over long distances.

As you update and post, those people can visit your blog and comment or email you, thus keeping up with your life as you keep up with theirs.

23. It Looks Great on Your Resume

Running a blog shows dedication, determination, work ethic, and discipline. These qualities, combined with your ability to speak your mind, do your research, and organize all of it, fulfill almost all of the skills of any major job position.


In some cases, people say that your blog is your resume. Job recruiters could potentially stumble upon your blog and see everything they need to offer you a position or interview.

24. A Blog Increases Your Real-World Business

If you have a small business in your local area, you could pay for all kinds of expensive marketing, or you could start a blog to promote your business and what it stands for.

Doing this, in combination with using social media will bring both local and not so local people to your real-world business to meet you in person.

25. Your Creativity Gets a Boost

As more and more posts go up on your blog, you’ll find yourself becoming more creative. Ideas will start coming to you faster, words will flow like water, and everything that was once difficult creatively will suddenly become second-nature to you.

Pretty soon, you’ll be writing your own lists of 151 blog post ideas.

Alright, I’m Ready to Blog.
Let’s Do This!

If you’re feeling the need to blog, and you just want to tear your teeth into a fresh new blog without waiting any longer, I understand. While you can find a fully comprehensive guide to starting your blog right here on the site, why don’t we pause for a moment to give you the quick rundown?

Here a fast track method to getting your blog up and running in three steps:

Step One: Decide on a Topic/Niche 

Start by deciding on your blog’s topic and purpose. Maybe you want to start a food blog and enrich the world with your unique recipes? If so, decide on a niche, which is the specific market you’ll be catering to.

Try doing some research to see what other food blogs are out there and what kind of competition you’re going up against.

You can use several blogging tools to gain a better understanding of this. Just remember to pick something you are passionate about and something people will want to read.

Step Two: Set up Your Hosting & Domain 

Alright, now that you’ve got a handle on what your blog will be about and how it will serve your readers, the next step is to purchase your hosting and domain name. The hosting service will keep your blog online, and the domain will be the website URL of your blog.

You’ll also need to choose a blogging platform. Personally, I use WordPress, along with millions of other blogs. It’s easy to use and very well designed.

Step Three: Get to Blogging! 

Once you’re all set up (less than ten minutes), it’s time to start blogging. Crafting the perfect blog post isn’t something you can do overnight, but with my help, you’ll be pumping out posts in no time!

That’s all there is to it folks! Now, if you still want to see the rest of these compelling reasons, please, continue reading.

26. You’ll Make Better Decisions

You will be overwhelmed at times with all of the things happening in your life and on your blog, but as time goes on, you will train your eyes to find the things that matter most.

This ability to pick and choose priorities will bleed over into your real life. You will see the importance of making certain decisions and ultimately handle them better as a result.

27. Blogging Improves Your Happiness

Blogging brings people to your internet doorstep who have been inspired, or assisted by you. They are grateful and it is that feeling of knowing you helped someone that everyone can appreciate.

smiling baby

All of the praise and satisfaction you receive as a seasoned blogger contributes to a happier lifestyle overall.

28. You Have Total Freedom

Blogging can be done at home. It can be done at the coffee shop, the park, or upside down in a wind tunnel.

The last one may be difficult, but it is possible. With this kind of freedom, you can work when and where you want. On top of this, you love what you do.

29. You Gain Tons of Precious Skills

My first year of blogging was spent learning about things like HTML, SEO, social media marketing, and link building.

That’s just to name a few, but all of these skills are the kinds of things people want to see on your resume. They are also the kinds of skills that people will pay top dollar for.

30. Blogging Can Help You Work Through Hard Times

When the going gets rough, sometimes it’s best to get blogging. Take a day to simply express what’s happening to your readers.

Get it all out and ask for their help and support. You’d be surprised how much of it you get, and how much it helps to know that there are people who care about you and want you to be happy.



31. It’s a Platform to Tell Your Story

If you don’t tell your story, no one else will. Worse, if they do, they may not tell it correctly. Let your blog be your story, your journal.

People will read it, and they will remember you and listen to your life. No one else can tell your story but you, and now you have a means to do so.

32. You Stand Out From the Crowd

Most people who go online are reading someone else’s work. They themselves are part of a larger crowd.

standing out

Creating a blog suddenly puts you in the minority of people who create the content that people read online. Suddenly, you stand out from the rest in a big way.

33. You Will Grow Your Network

Part of blogging is reaching out to other bloggers to help promote your blog and increase your traffic.

In doing this you are building a network of like-minded people who use their influence to help other bloggers every day. Networking is a huge part of building a business or in this case a blog.

34. It Lets You Create a Legacy

While we as humans don’t live forever, what you do on blog will. If you gather a following, those people will pass your blog onto others, who will in turn pass it on to others, and so on.

You will be known for what you did, and that is as close to immortality as we can get in today’s day and age.

35. It’s Something You Own

When you start a self-hosted blog, you are the proud owner of your own digital space. No one can take it from you and no one can tell you how to run it.

You are your own boss and everything about your blog is in your control. It feels good to have such a strong ownership of something. It’s empowering, exciting even.

36. It Helps you Define Your Voice

Everyone has a specific voice they write with. It is how they express themselves and their thoughts.

The more you work on your blog, the more you will find this voice of your own. It will make you stand out, it will define your work, and it will bring people to your blog.

37. You’ll Make New Friends

Making new friends isn’t easy, but with so many people coming to read your work, you’ll find that friendships are blossoming left and right. Reaching out to other bloggers also brings new friends into the fold.

Everyone you come across will be like-minded which makes it even easier to find something in common.

38. Bloggers are in Demand Right Now

If you go online to any one of the numerous freelance job boards looking for work, you’ll find that bloggers are indeed in demand.

Even major corporations with blogs are looking for people to write for theirs. All of this points to a skill set that is both lucrative and relevant.

39. It Will Make You Healthier

With the discipline and work ethic that comes from blogging, you will also find yourself with more time to fit exercise into your schedule.

Less stress on you also keeps you from eating more than you need. These simple factors will steer you towards a healthier lifestyle.

40. You Can Help Others Avoid Mistakes

They say we all learn from our mistakes, but why not just avoid them altogether? I think that sounds like a better plan.

You could do like I did and help new bloggers avoid those pesky mistakes that always hurt them in the beginning of their blogging careers.



41. You can Turn Your Passion into a Career

We all have something we love, something that drives us. Why sit on that talent, why not use it to better yourself and your life as a whole?

Blogging lives and breathes because people dared to take the leap and write about things they know and love. You know what else? They made money doing it. A lot of money, and you can too.

42. It’s Not Difficult at All

You may have heard me mention HTML and SEO, but these are terms that you won’t have to know immediately when you start blogging. As you settle into your new found lifestyle, you’ll pick up little skills here and there. If you’re using WordPress (the best blogging platform) you won’t even need to touch HTML.

In terms of Search Engine Optimization or SEO, this is something you pick up as you go, and it’s honestly second-nature in time. Don’t sweat it, this stuff is easier than you think!

43. Your Entire Life Will Change (For the Better)

With a blog comes a new lifestyle, and a whole new way of living.

deadpool gif

It’s an amazing transition from a life where you’re tied to a job that barely pays the bills, to a life where you can work when and where you want, spend time with the family, and make as much as you want.

44. It Can Open up New Opportunities

People will see your blog. Lots of people in fact. This could open some amazing opportunities for you. What if someone comes to your blog, loves your work, and offers to buy it from you for a generous sum? It happens more than you think. People even get job offers because of their blogs!

It happens more than you think. People even get job offers because of their blogs!

45. You can Organize Your Thoughts and Put Them on Paper

We all have these amazing ideas that fly around in our head, but the chaos of our daily lives doesn’t allow for a lot of time to write them down.

With a blog, you not only have time to remedy this, but you have a place to do it as well.

46. Did I Mention it’s Fun?

There’s nothing better than sitting down and letting your thoughts flow.

Nothing to stop you, music in the background if you like, and the promise of edits to take away your worries that there are typos in everything you write. It’s great, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have “working.”

It’s great, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have “working.”

47. You Don’t Have to Write if You Don’t Want to!

A good, balanced blog has posts consisting of writing, but if you want your blog to be something a little different, say, a video blog, you can do that.

You won’t need to write but a little bit, and the rest can just be videos! The same goes with a blog that runs using podcasts. There’s plenty of flexibility in this field.

48. It Provides a Healthy Challenge

It’s smart to challenge ourselves to do better, to reach higher goals. Blogging is a smart and realistic challenge for you to undertake.

It will help you grow in so many ways, and push you to find out more about yourself and the world you live in.

49. Your Working For Yourself

Who’s the boss? You’re the boss! That’s right, no one else telling you when to post, what to write about, or anything in between.

Dont want to work with me

No bosses here, just you and your blog.

50. You Have Something to be Proud Of

When your blog finds success (and it will), you will have something to be proud of. An accomplishment that you reached through your own hard work.

No one else can take credit for all the work you did, so be proud of yourself, and your blog. You deserve it!



Final Thoughts

If you’re reading this, then you can start a blog.

After 50 answers to the question “Well, why blog?” you now know what it takes to start your own blog.

What drove you to start your blog? Tell me what motivates you in the comments below!

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