When Do People Read Blogs? The Best Times to Post

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Blogging is more than just a way for people to talk about their interests or their day. For many, blogging is a side job and sometimes a primary form of income.

Part of having a successful blog is knowing when the best times are to post. People read blogs for fun and entertainment, but it’s important to pay attention to who your readers are, and understand how you can best cater to them.

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Learn more about the best times to post, and see what you can do to synch up with your readers. This allows you to make the most of your content in an effective manner.

Understand That People Read Blogs Differently

Before you start posting, it’s important to know that not everyone has the same surfing habits you do. You might think it’s easy to post mid-morning because that’s when you go online to surf and read your favorite blogs.

Depending on who your audience is, this might be the complete opposite of what they do. Not paying attention to how other people read and communicate with blogs could actually cost you viewers.

So what’s the best way to handle a situation where you aren’t sure of other’s habits? Start by taking a poll.

Sometimes called social polling, this is effective in getting to know your audience, their desires, likes, and dislikes. You can be direct and ask them what time of day they’re most likely to read your blog, or make the question general, and find out what times of day they’re most likely to surf online for fun.

As a bonus, you’ll engage your audience base, and find out more about when posting is most beneficial for your blog’s needs.

Figure Out the Role Time Zones Play in Blogging

Time zones play more of a role than we realize when it comes to blogging. For American readers, the time zones are divided as follows:

  • EST (Eastern)
  • CST (Central)
  • MST (Moutain)
  • PST (Pacific)

Making use of tools such as Google Analytics can help you understand where the majority of your viewers come from. Once you get an idea, then you can make arrangements to schedule posts at a certain time each time.

Many blogs have features that allow you to compose a draft and schedule when it gets published. This takes the pressure and guesswork out of blogging for you, making it easier to accommodate your audience.

This means if the majority of your readers focus on EST times, you can schedule content to post at the times they’re most likely to read them. That means you don’t have to get up at 4 AM to ensure a timely 8 AM post for your New York readers when you live all the way on the California coast.

If you’re scheduling your blog posts to publish at a particular time, don’t forget to do the same with social media. If you have more people checking your social profiles for updates, this could give your blog the boost it needs when you have new content.

Figure Out Which Platforms Give You the Most Social Boost

When you’re focusing on figuring out the best time to post and add new content to your blog, don’t neglect your social media channels. Many popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat allow you to schedule when to post your updates.

Before you start scheduling everything, it’s essential to evaluate your traffic and understand where you get the most viewers from.

If you have a lifestyle blog that focuses on photography you take, it’s easy to see why Instagram would be a popular place for your viewers to hang out. If you focus on news and quick blurbs, then Twitter would be the place to ensure you’re interacting with your viewers.

Go through your analytics and view where you’re getting the most readers from. Sometimes the answer can surprise you, but your goal should always be the same: ensure you’re making time to post, schedule, and interact with those platforms just as you would your blog.

If you find a platform isn’t working for you there’s no need to stop posting; just don’t try to force pieces that don’t fit. You’ll find when you encourage organic readership; you’ll get better results for your investment.

Tweak How Often You Post Until You Reach the Sweet Spot

As you work on your blog, you’re wondering how often you post. Are you giving people too much information and overwhelming them, or do you need to step your game up and create greater interest?

Unfourntuatly, there is no answer for how much you need to blog or what the right number is. Much of this depends on what you write about, who your readers are, and how often they want new content.

Like any other business, you’ll need to play around and find the right amount of blogging that works for you and your readers. Although the best practices for blogging can feel intimidating when you’re new to the game, you’ll get used to it as time goes on, and start creating memorable content.

Learn More

Finding out when your viewers like to read blogs is a tricky process. Once you crack the code, you’ll know how to cater to their needs, and increase your views at the same time.

Through a combination of scheduling, interacting, and ensuring you have new content, you’ll discover more readers coming to you, as long as you offer quality.

If you’re having trouble coming up with blog post ideas, you don’t have to figure out what to write about on your own. Check out our post on 151 blogging ideas, and see how you can put one of these to work for you.