What Type of Business Consultant Do I Need?

business consultant meeting with client

Hiring business consultants is a great way to tap into knowledge that you may not have in-house. Business consultants are specialized in specific fields and can help you launch a new product or revamp your current processes.

Of course, since there are many different parts of running a business, there are naturally many types of consultants. Read on to learn the differences between each type of consultant so you can figure out which one would benefit your business the most.

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Management Consultants

When people refer to business consultants in general, they usually mean a management consultant. Management consultants help you design your business’ overall strategy. They help you refine your operations to ensure that best practices are being followed.

Most businesses will bring in management consultants when undertaking a specific project. Expanding into a new market or buying out a competitor are good examples.

Marketing and Public Relations Consultants

Marketing or PR consultants work to brand your company. Marketing refers to advertising and actually selling a product. PR focuses on media coverage and public statements.

While they are related to one another, they are functionally separate. A marketing consultant may not make a good spokesperson, and PR consultants may not have the creative chops to run an ad campaign, for example. Know what your needs are before you reach out so you know what type of consultancy you could benefit from.

SEO Consultants

An SEO Consultant will help you design your digital presence. They will optimize your website, help you write content, and build links to boost your search engine rankings.

SEO consultants are often able to undertake a wide range of digital communications projects. This can include running social media and digital ad campaigns to generate new leads.

Think of SEO consultants as highly specialized marketing or PR consultants that only work online.

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IT Consultants

In contrast to SEO consultants, IT consultants will work with the actual software and hardware that your business uses. They will troubleshoot technical issues and install updates and new systems.

IT consultants will have little to do with your website or your digital presence, though they may run the infrastructure that keeps it online.

Of course, different IT consultants will specialize in different areas. Some will focus on networks and servers. Others are cyber-security experts who will prevent business or client data from leaking.

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You May Need Several Business Consultants

In some instances, you may contract out a consultant permanently. Hiring a PR agency means that you will work with a team of PR consultants, for instance.

Other times, you may only hire business consultants for a short period. You may only need a marketing consultant for a specific product launch, for example. You need to balance your needs against the cost of hiring outside help.

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