What Is a Good Bounce Rate and How Can I Improve Mine?

Good Bounce Rate

Determining what a good bounce rate is, is kind of like trying to figure out how long a piece of string is! It all really depends on your business and its goals—that’s the deciding factor. 

Having said that, though, there are bounce rates against which you can benchmark your own statistics. 

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Did you know that the average bounce site for retail websites is between 40% and 60%? 

So what impact does the bounce rate ultimately have on your business? And what is a good bounce rate? Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about this important metric. 

What Is Bounce Rate?

Let’s have a quick look at exactly what bounce rate is and how it’s calculated. 

Google defines bounce rate as the percentage of single-page sessions, which, in actual fact, are the number of sessions where a person has left your site from entering without having actual interaction with your website. 

It’s easier to understand if you think of it another way someone lands on your site, they stick around a bit, but they don’t click on any other pages and then they leave. That’s a bounce. 

How Is Bounce Rate Measured?

Bounce rate is one of the things that search engines use in order to rank your website in search results. So it’s important that we take the time to understand how it’s calculated. 

There’s a fairly simple formula used to calculate a website’s bounce rate. 

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Basically, the number of visitors with no interaction other than entering your website would be divided by the entire number of visitors that come to your site. 

So, for example, if 30 visitors leave without interacting with your site, and you’ve had a total of 100 site visitors, then your bounce rate is exactly 30%. 

What Is a Good Bounce Rate?

It’s difficult to say right off the bat what a good bounce rate is; however, there are ‘industry standards’ against which you can benchmark your bounce rate. 

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Although, if you are looking for a widely accepted ‘good bounce rate’ then you should aim for 40% or lower. 

How You Can Improve Your Bounce Rate

There are a number of tasks that you can perform on your website that will help you improve your bounce rate. 

  • By optimizing the loading speed of your website, you can ensure that people will stay longer and not have to wait for the information they’re looking for 
  • Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile viewing and responsive to other devices 
  • Don’t overpromote with too many widgets and popups or you’ll chase visitors away by being annoying 
  • Focus on one call to action: what do you want your website visitor to do? Try to get them to do that one thing and not make it too confusing 

There are many more ways that you can work on and improve your bounce rate. A digital marketing agency can assist you in improving not only your bounce rate, but your overall SEO, too. 

Bouncing For Success

So you arrived here asking, what is a good bounce rate? We ascertained that it’s pretty hard to pinpoint an answer to that. 

The most important thing you should do is to set your website a goal and work hard to achieve that, measure your bounce rate success against your own progress! Ensure that you have a starting point, though, so set up your analytics from the get-go.

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