Top WordPress Tips and Hacks

WordPress Tips and Hacks

Over 600 new WordPress sites join the world wide web every day. That means there must be around 600 new webmasters or bloggers who are likely clueless about running a website.

And that is why you chose WordPress, right? Because it is the simplest content management system for websites out there.

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But that doesn’t mean you still couldn’t use some WordPress tips. With any new venture, there are learning curves and ways to hack the system so you get the most out of it.

Here are some essential WordPress tips so you don’t make silly mistakes and can have a professional, slick website (that you know how to run!) from day one.

Choose an Uber Fast WordPress Theme

Site speed is vital to any website and it is only becoming more important to search engines like Google. Several factors, like hosting and image sizes, also affect site speed but your site’s theme makes all the difference.

WordPress offers tons of free themes which might be an ideal option if you are using the platform for your hobby blog. But most WordPress users need the freedom of a paid theme. And they are not expensive as some of the best, fastest themes are only $65.

Head to a theme store like ThemeForest or ThemeGrill. Find a theme you like and find the demo version. Copy the URL of the demo version into a site speed tester.

Here are some great tools for you to test site speed:

  • GTMetrix
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Pingdom Tools

If the demo version has a bad score, the developers have likely not built the site well or are not concerned about speed. And if it scores well, you know it is a contender for your WordPress site. This is one of the more time-consuming WordPress tips, but well worth the effort.

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Make Those Permalinks Look Pretty

If you want simple WordPress tips, start with making your permalinks look better. Permalinks are another name for URLs. Every time you create a new page or blog post, it has a new permalink that is customizable.

Often by default, WordPress creates your permalink with the date you first created that page/post and the category name, too. And the end parts of your permalinks are often the entire headings of your posts. This means your site’s URLs are long and complicated.


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You can change this by navigating to the left-hand menu in WordPress’s dashboard. Then, select settings > permalinks. Choose either the plain, post name, or custom structure. 

And when you create new posts, make sure you amend the end of the permalink to only include your keywords and not the entire heading.

New example:

This link looks much more professional and allows you to update posts without users thinking it is old content. Plus, it is easier for users to share your content if they can guess/remember your links.

Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is an important toolbox for any WordPress website. One of the best WordPress tricks you can use to improve your SEO is by installing a plugin to help.

Yoast SEO is by far the most popular, but Rank Math is great too.

Always do keyword research before creating a new blog post or page and fill in every part of the Yoast SEO plugin so it can give you an accurate SEO rating. They have a traffic light system, so it is super easy to understand.

One of Yoast SEO’s best features is the ability to change the blog post title as it appears on Google SERPs. 

This means you can write a catchy, attention-grabbing headline for Google users. But for those who like to keep the titles on their websites uniform and on-brand, you can write a separate title for your site.

Backup Your WordPress Site to a Device

If you are using the best web hosting for WordPress, they will likely back up your site for you. But it is good practice to do your own monthly backup to your laptop or computer.

Install a WordPress backup plugin so you can do this yourself. Here are some examples of good plugins for this task:

  • WPBackItUp
  • BackupBuddy
  • BlogVault

These plugins allow you to download copies of the files that make up your WordPress website. Then, if something goes wrong or hackers attack your site, you have a copy. It is a good idea to keep around three months’ worth of backups. 

Website files can be quite large, so you do not want to keep too many of them.

Redirect Your Deleted Blog Posts

No website owner wants users to stumble upon a 404 error, which is a web page that no longer exists. So, one of the most wanted WordPress hacks is to learn how to get rid of these errors.

There is nothing wrong with deleting blog posts that no longer serve your site, but you need to redirect the old URL to one that does exist.

Install the WordPress plugin called Redirection. Find the plugin’s location in your dashboard’s left-hand menu and click tools > Redirection. Click “Add New” and enter the old URL first, then the new URL second. 

Remember to do this every time you delete a blog post or page and it will be one of the most useful WordPress tips you will ever learn.

Something Wrong? Deactivate Your Plugins

It is so annoying when a function disappears from your WordPress page creator or Widget stops updating and you do not know why.

Sometimes, WordPress updates, theme updates, or plugin updates clash with a different part of your website. The best WordPress hacks you can use to find out the issue is to deactivate your plugins one by one.

Start with the last plugin you updated and always remember to back up your website to your computer before you update or deactivate plugins.

Use These WordPress Tips to Level up Your Website

There is so much to learn about using WordPress. But these top WordPress tips, in particular, will help you run your site like an expert from the beginning. Knowing these tips will help your site to work better, have fewer technical errors, and look more professional. 

Want to boost your blog’s traffic and revenue? Our site has tons more helpful blogging guides for you to learn from!

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