Top 9: Best Watches for Women in 2019

woman wearing watch

The watch is one of those fashion accessories that never goes out of style.

It started as a necessity and the only way to keep track of time when people were out and about. With the rise of smartphones, no one needs another timepiece. And yet the watch is as popular of a fashion accessory as it ever was.

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In today’s world, watches are all about fashion, and that’s why the models change so much with fashion trends. Are you looking for your next piece of wrist candy? Check out these best watches for women.

The Best Watches for Women in 2019

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive accessory or an investment piece, check out these watches that stand out in today’s world. There are options for any budget.

1. The Skagen Aaren Kulor

If you’re looking for a statement piece or a “pop of color” for your favorite classic outfits, look no further.

The Aaren Kulor is an affordable aluminum watch with a silicone band. It has a minimalist design overall, but what stands out is the color. The watch comes in a range of bright colors, from yellow to orange to shades of blue.

Of course, they haven’t forgotten about those who prefer understated simplicity. The watch comes in white too, for a more clean and modern look.

The best part of this watch is the price: an affordable $95.

2. The Fossil Riley

For those who want to stick to a classic look. The Riley by Fossil is a great place to start.

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This watch has a bold and oversized shape that has been a favorite among women for decades. To add an extra touch of elegance, though, the Riley has crystals set on its bezel and at the hour markers.

This watch is available in yellow gold, rose gold, and stainless steel finishes. However, the gold finishes are plated stainless steel to keep this watch at an easy $115-$135.

3. The Michael Kors Slim Runway Gunmetal Watch

Michael Kors is one of the top names in affordable designer watches, and their Slim Runway collection doesn’t disappoint.

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This watch is listed as unisex, so it’s perfect for the ladies whose style isn’t as frilly and feminine as the other watches on the list.

As its name suggests, this Slim Runway model is made with stainless steel in a dark color known as gunmetal gray. While the design is minimalist, the rose gold bezel and hour markers make the watch stand out.

Despite the designer label, this watch is one of our more affordable choices at less than $200.

4. The Kate Spade Metro Vachetta

Kate Spade left behind a legacy of elegant fashion, and that comes through in the Metro Vachetta watch.

This watch is built for celebrations. The simple leather strap has the distinctive feel of a Kate Spade piece. The face, on the other hand, is unique.

The white watch face features an arrangement of crystals that look like confetti raining down. To top it all off, the 6:00 hour is marked by a tiny gold champagne bottle.

Even with all these crystals and unique features, the Metro Vachetta is one of the more reasonably priced watches at $225.

5. The Movado Swiss BOLD Watch

It should be no surprise that one of Movado’s models made this list. After all, they’re a well-known leader in watches for men and women alike.

The BOLD has a minimalist look, making it perfect for a lady who loves the modern style. That doesn’t mean it won’t stand out, though, with its large face.

In keeping with Movado’s signature high-end look, the BOLD looks gold but is made from gold-plated stainless steel. The prices clocks in at just under $600.

6. The Coach Delancey in Gold Pave

Quartz watches don’t get much more extravagant-looking than this Coach Delancey.

While its foundation is a carnation gold color, you won’t see much of that gold in this model of the Delancey. The band, face, and bezel alike are covered in pave-set crystals.

For a mere $600, you can look like you’re wearing an entire diamond mine around your wrist.

7. The Gucci Diamantissima

You can’t talk about leading fashions without bringing Gucci into the conversation. They leave nothing to be desired with their Diamantissima watch.

At first, this model looks like a simple and elegant black watch with a classic black leather band. When you get up close, though, you can see a stylish cross-cross pinstripe pattern in rose gold on the watch face.

The unique pattern gives the Diamantissima the beloved look of old Hollywood. It’s also available in a 32mm or 27mm face size so you can choose the perfect design.

Of course, this glamour comes at a price: around $950.

8. The La D de Dior Satine

It’s time to take these watches to the next level, and it doesn’t get any more “next level” than Dior.

One of the most popular Dior watches is the Satine line. This line gets its name because of the satin-like look of the bands.

This line is particularly diverse. The model comes with a wide range of face colors as well as a few different band designs and materials. Anyone and everyone can find something that fits their style among the selection.

Thanks to the many options available, the Satine comes with a range of prices. Most of the models are between $3,400 and $8,000. However, there are a few models with higher price tags. 

9. The Rolex Lady-Datejust

There is no greater legend in watches than Rolex. They’re heirlooms and investment pieces rather than fashion accessories. Of course, they look darn good on your arm at the same time.

One of today’s greatest favorites is the Lady-Datejust. This stylish model has a distinctive mother of pearl face. The band is a classic blend of steel and rose gold. It’s the perfect combination of modern and feminine.

What’s the price tag for all this elegance? A cool $20,000.

Choosing Your Watch Wisely 

A watch is one of those accessories we can wear over and over with many outfits. Most women have one or two watches at go-to pieces, rather than a different one for every style.

That’s why choosing the right watch is such an important decision. The watches above are some of the best watches for women no matter what your price range may be.

For more style ideas, check out more articles on our fashion blog.

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