Top 7 Inventory Templates to Track Your Company’s Inventory

people with inventory papers and laptop

There are 28 million small businesses in the US. Setting up a small business is not an easy job. You have to calculate your budget, keep an eye on employees, write down all the profit and losses, etc.

It is impossible for an individual to know every detail about their business. Do you need a hand to keep everything in order?

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Here is where the inventory spreadsheet comes in.

Available in several formats, inventory templates will keep track of every aspect of your business. You will just have to add the data and leave all the complicated calculations to the template.

In other words, you don’t have to spend hours calculating each and every detail of your business. Here are some of the benefits of depending on inventory template.

Advantages of Depending on Inventory Spreadsheet

The inventory templates inform you of the quantity of the products in your stock. The inventory templates will inform you when you are running out of a product.

It will also help you in knowing which of your product is contributing to generating profit and which item is creating only losses for your business. Moreover, you also know about your top suppliers and performance of your employees through inventory tracking spreadsheet.

These templates will also inform you about the condition of your investments. By supplying you with accurate information, the spreadsheet will help you in claiming insurance money if there is an unfortunate mishap.

Easy procedure of date entry and customized format lets it develop with your business.

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Furthermore, you don’t need to be a computer expert to create a template for your business. Several formatted inventory templates are available on the internet.

You are just required to collect data. Choose the one which is suitable for your business.

Business Product Catalog Template

Creating an online product catalog has never been this easy.  Use excel inventory tracking sheet to create an online store experience.

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You can share the information regarding your product with your customer by utilizing interactive platforms such as your newly-built blog.

Utilize the Excel formatting tools to adjust the template according to your needs. Insert thumbnail images, link to your website or customize the pages which include the details of the product.

You can also add your company’s logo or change Tag line.

The spreadsheet will show products in a set of eight. You can list down the products according to their category. Moreover, you have the option of sorting products according to their price.

Whether you catalog them in ascending or descending is up to you.

Excel Invoice Inventory Template

Invoices provide convenience in collecting data but creating them is a nuisance. Excel Invoice Inventory Template can create an eye-catching invoice in seconds. You just need to press the print button. A single file can include hundreds of invoices.

Invoices are an ideal way of collecting data regarding your customers. You can easily note down in what product your customers are interested in. Besides, you can record information regarding your customers.

To summarize, you are not required to jot down your customer details every time they visit you. Just copy it from the previous invoice. On another hand, you can also utilize the details to inform your customers about promotion deals.

Say goodbye to calculators as the invoice will calculate the total, subtotal and discounts automatically.

You don’t need to be an expert in math to start a business anymore.

Food Inventory Template

Unlike this inventory spreadsheet, nothing good comes free. This template is ideal for individuals who opened a restaurant or catering business. It is very common in business related to food, to experience the disappearance of ingredients.

The reason is that it is really easy to lose track of how many berries you have or how many potatoes were added in a mashed potato dish.

Your employees can easily misplace the food without you noticing. This template will assist you in knowing about your food stock. Moreover, it will also help you in recording the cost of the ingredients so you can set the price of the dish according to the information provided.

Income Statement Template

Keeping a financial record is essential to progress in the business. If you don’t know which item gave you profit and which didn’t perform according to its expectation, you will not be able to develop the habit of innovation.

The inventory sheet template document the total amount of profit you have made as well as the contribution of each product in benefiting your business.

Besides buying and selling of goods, they are other expenses which need to track down. Advertising, insurance, shipping fees, taxes add up to unavoidable expenses which this template will make a list of.

Equipment Inventory Template

Every trade needs one equipment or another. Setting up an office requires you to purchase computers, photocopy machines, printers, etc. Movers need to buy transport vehicles while carpentry requires nails, drills, circular saws, etc.

This inventory tracker keeps a perfect record of all the equipment you have purchased with their model number, manufacturer’s name, price and operating cost.

You can also utilize this spreadsheet to note down the condition of the equipment, its location and the name of the handler so you know who to hold accountable if the equipment stops working.

Party Budget Template

To create a successful event management business you need to learn to give your best under the client’s budget. Usually, people expect their event to look extraordinary in low budget.

The spreadsheet not only makes you more organized with the planning but also makes it easy for you to inform the client with an exact total instead of an estimate.

By writing down the price of the decoratives, you will know if you are going over budget or not. In other words, you don’t have through the process of tiresome manual calculation anymore due to this template.

Home Inventory Template

Why don’t you use inventory templates to maintain your home budget? For insurance purposes, it is ideal to list every equipment on a spreadsheet. Categorize them under the heading of electronics, furniture, kitchenware, etc.

Moreover, we tend to go spend more as soon as we receive our paycheck. This spreadsheet will help you in staying in your limit and even save some cash for future use.

Why Choose Inventory Templates?

The calculation is part of how every business and inventory spreadsheet will assist you in it.

Just jot down all the information and inventory templates will take care of all the mathematics. Remember to note down everything carefully as one tiny mistake can lead to a disaster.

For more information on how to boost your business, check out this blog post.

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