Top 6 WordPress Themes for Vape Websites

vape websites

vape websites How can you make your vape website really stand out?

The right WordPress theme is key to having a fantastic website. With the right theme, customers will have a great online shopping experience and want to come back for more.

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Not all vape websites have the right look. Make yours the one that customers really love with one of these 6 great WordPress themes.

6 Perfect WordPress Themes for Vape Websites

1. eMax Store

For a sleek, modern look that doesn’t look like a traditional vape site, this theme is the right choice.

This eCommerce theme has an excellent design, with an image-heavy front page that would be ideal for showing the e-cigarette lifestyle. Editorial photos featuring customers vaping in different settings would look great with this theme.

2. e-Cigarette Zen Cart

This theme is easy to navigate, streamlined, and simple, making this another good choice for the modern vape customer.

There are plenty of customizable options with this theme, so you can easily switch it up to meet your marketing needs. The simple layout with blocks of color lets your product stand out.

3. Vaping Prestashop

In simple black and white, this theme has a classy, elegant feel to it. Put your products from and center with this WordPress design that will really let them shine.

The standard integrated slider images let you show off multiple products on the home page, while the simple layout design prevents the page from looking overwhelming.

4. Electronic Cigarettes Magneto

This is another attractive black and white layout that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Among the features of this theme are sliders and promo banners. There is also a tab structure to make shopping around on the site easy for your customers.

5. Hudson

Brighten things up a bit with the Hudson theme. This one has a clean design in white and light colors, with plenty of features to help the online store run smoothly.

Users can scroll through images on the front page, and shop from multiple tabs that are easy to view. An added bonus is that this theme is compatible with WooCommerce.

6. Clean Store

This techy-looking theme is great for highlighting the cool technological aspects of vaping.

Show different options on the front page, so customers can choose the e-cigarette that’s best for them just like they would choose a new phone. Click here to see different kinds of vape liquid – that’s just one idea of the options you can offer using this theme.

You can also feature special deals and new products up front using this theme.

Get Started Today

There are plenty of vape websites out there, but you can make yours stand out by making it beautiful and well-designed.

Today’s customers don’t want busy, confusing sites that have lots going on. They’d rather shop on a clean, sleek, modern-looking site that lets them view the products without distraction.

All of the sites listed above do just that. Make your site feel like a refreshing escape from customers’ hectic lives by making it easy to use and nice to look at.

Of course, customization is important too. Not all online vape stores are created equal. With each of these themes, you can easily add all the custom options you need to make the perfect site.

Ready to build your site now? Check out our tips before you get started so you’ll have smooth sailing through the whole process.