Top 6 Simple WordPress Themes for 2018

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When you decide it’s time to build a WordPress site, usually, a theme is what people would expect to be the easiest part to decide on. After all, you’ve got a clear image in your head of what you want your home page to look like.

Sadly, finding simple WordPress themes that cut the mustard can be a difficult task. Many themes are over complicated, don’t do quite what you are looking for or simply don’t appeal to what you are trying to achieve.

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This inability to find a suitable theme is one of the biggest reasons people never get to completing their WordPress sites. If you can’t find a theme, you can’t progress and it can get put to the side.

Luckily, finding a quality theme doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. This article will take you through six of the very best themes available online.

Why Are Minimalist Designs So Popular?

When it comes to WordPress, it’s easy to see why so many people decide to go with this framework. With WordPress powering nearly 27% of the entire internet it’s a huge platform.

But deciding on themes doesn’t always come without its own challenges. Much like learning how to write a resume, you may find you need to learn and understand how to customize and edit your theme.

This leads many new WordPress users to get frustrated and give up. A minimalist design is not only beautiful but also less complicated.

Rather than throwing in hundreds of different elements, these themes aim to minimize and reduce down distractions. This leads your website to a very streamlined design which can often convert better and focus your reader more easily.

The Top 6 Simple WordPress Themes for 2018

WordPress has around 123 million total theme downloads per year. To make picking simple WordPress themes as easy as possible, we’ve got together a list of six of the very best minimalist themes available in 2018.

Any of these themes should lead to not only better conversion, but generally a better overall website design, free from distraction. Instead of hacking WordPress for a makeover, just select the right theme to start off with.

Let’s get started!

1. Divi: The Ultimate Theme

When it comes to the best themes out there, Divi comes up time and time again as being one of the class leaders. Not only does the theme offer you endless opportunities to customize, but for such a feature heavy theme, it’s also one of the cleanest designs available.

With a visually stunning and aesthetically clean interface, Divi goes a long way in remaining structured and also at the same time being easy to navigate. The design and backend systems go a long way in making it easy to create whatever visual you desire.

Where Divi comes alive is its flexibility in different niches. It doesn’t matter what background or niche your business or blog fits into, Divi’s tools allow you to alter and achieve whatever look you wish to go for.

The most impressive features of the Divi theme apart from its intuitive drag and drop system is its ability to make your design uncluttered and focused. This helps to bring a closer connection between your audience and you, building that bond that you know only a great theme can.

That along with its plethora of features including:

  • Real-time design
  • Click & type design
  • Responsive editor
  • Pre-made templates

Help it to stand out as one of the most diverse simple WordPress themes available on the market.

2. Uncode: Creative Multiuse Theme

Based on the WPBakery visual builder system, Uncode is another theme that made it into our top six simple WordPress themes list. Uncode comes with over 40+ pre-made concepts and designs ready to import.

The flexibility of its templates is what makes Uncode popular among many WordPress users and the WPBakery visual builder gives you a great amount of flexibility once you get the hang of the interface.

While not quite as intuitive as the drag and drop design you’ll get in Divi, it is a little cheaper and has a distinctly unique design feel compared to other themes.

One popular part of Uncode is the speed of the base code. While other themes can leave your site feeling sluggish and unresponsive, Uncode’s efficient codebase helps to load fast from almost any connection.

Revolutionary sliders are a large element of Uncode which can make your website design standout. But, don’t let that fool you, as conversion is poor on these types of designs.

Notre Dame university even ran tests on their site and their first slide only achieved 1% conversion. Other slides didn’t even achieve that.

3. Kalium

Kalium is one of the boldest themes that can help your website stand out. With a design that screams pastel colors, you can easily and quickly incorporate a visually pleasing yet simple design to your site, without getting bogged down in all the coding issues.

Build around the premium visual composer page builder plugin. Many find this composer to be a less steep learning curve that WPBakery’s visual page builder.

It still includes many of the elements you’ll find in Uncode such as the Revolution page slider and the LayerSlide plugins. These combined can help to give your blog or website a distinctly clean and professional look.

Kalium like other themes comes with plenty of templates and designs to choose from. But one of its standout features is the number of shortcodes that come included as standard. These are a welcome addition if you want to optimize your page as easily as possible.

4. Jevelin

As far as simple WordPress themes go, Jevelin isn’t the worst design to go with. It’s one of the better ones we’ve seen, which is why it’s made its way into our top six. The focus on optimizing for mobile is what caught our eye.

With all of the standard features you’d expect like Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, contact form 7 and one-click install, it does everything it can to make the installation process as easy as possible.

Like other themes, Jevelin also comes with 40+ custom shortcodes. But what really stands out are its templates. The simple menu designs and the variety of templates for different niches make it easy to select the right theme for what you imagined your site to be.

They even come with handy video tutorials which are sorely lacking in a lot of themes. This makes the installation process a cinch. It also stops you running into issues when trying to figure out how to make your website look as good as the demos.

5. Metro

Metro by MyThemeShop comes in from a slightly different angle to the other themes on this list. With a clean, minimal and structured design that reminds you of Microsoft Windows latest home screen, the tile style layout really stands out compared to the slider designs of many themes.

Aimed at bloggers and publishing sites, Metro comes with a variety of different widgets and shortcodes. These help to decrease the bounce rate of your visitors and to keep them on your site for longer. Giving you the options of both latest posts and popular posts with a variety of display options help you to keep your selection fresh.

The theme is also heavily optimized for search engines and comes with an easily configurable theme design. This includes pre-designed spaces on your theme for advertisement, a welcome addition for bloggers who monetize.

Metro is a nice alternative as one of our top pick simple WordPress themes. Its quirky alternative design is sure to stand out compared to the majority of blog sites which can all look very similar.

6. Second Touch

Coming in with another Metro theme design, Second Touch offers simple WordPress themes packaged in an impressive design. One of the stand out points with this theme is how many vector icons they include–a whopping 1300 of them.

Yes, 1300 included, free, vector icons. Insane. This theme also includes other features you’ll see on this list, such as Woocommerce.

A nice addition to Second Touch is the inclusion of bbPress skins. This adds an ability to customize your e-commerce side of the site way beyond what is normally possible. Unique features like German and Russian translation files can also help this theme stand out.

It also has some nice and unique parallax and animation scrolling features that make scrolling up and down your website stand out. Simple WordPress themes will usually include a few fonts, but Second Touch includes up to 300 fonts for you to choose from.

Finally, another element we love about Second Touch is the support. Unlike other themes, this theme used the Metro visual builder. Paired with the incredible support, this theme can really stand out as one that will help you raise the bar on what’s expected of a website.

Making Simple WordPress Themes Simpler

When it comes to selecting your pick from the list of simple WordPress themes, you can have a number of doubts and worries. Everything from picking the right online platform to selecting your domain name and your theme can be a concern.

Remember, the biggest factor in success with themes is to make a decision and take action. Don’t be stuck with analysis paralysis, make the leap and decide on a simple WordPress theme today.

For help with getting started on your website today, reach out to us directly.