Top 5 Apps to Help You Stay Sober

stay sober

stay soberThe founders of Alcoholics Anonymous never had this in mind. Recovering from alcoholic addiction requires daily mindfulness and support to stay sober. Thousands of alcoholics are hacking their dependency with these top mobile apps.

There are over 2 million mobile apps on the market today. Anybody can use these tools daily to play games, hack life challenges, and improve his or her life. This applies to how we cook, write a blog, and exercise–why not how we recover from addiction?

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The popular slogan for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is “one day at a time.” That’s because every day poses the hazard of picking up a drink and slipping back into dependency. There is no substitute for a support network and a formal support group like Alcoholics Anonymous. But these mobile apps provide the support alcoholics need to stay sober during times of crisis.

If you’re sick and need to detoxify, go to the hospital and contact Muse Treatment for help. If you’re a recovering alcoholic or you’re interested in getting sober, find an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting or ask a sober friend for support. Then, consider these apps for daily life as you set on the path to sobriety.

AA Big Book App

The so-called “Big Book” is widely considered the most important piece of literature for recovering alcoholics. Originally published on April 10, 1939, the Big Book features uplifting and cautionary tales of real alcoholics over decades of recovery.

Although a printed version of the Big Book can be roughly the size of a Bible, this digital version features searchability, chapter navigation, and adjustable text for a more manageable read. Readers can also access AA recover podcasts and speaker tapes from around the world.

There is no alternative to a support group and support network. But app or print, recovering alcoholics who want to stay sober will always need a Big Book at their side.

Twenty-Four Hours a Day App

Alcoholism is a daily challenge. Twenty-Four Hours a Day provides daily meditations from best-selling publications for people trying to stay sober. The app provides easy navigation, sharing, and bookmarking tools. Recovering alcoholics can set daily reminders to read their meditations, adding much-needed consistency to their lives.

Nomo – Sobriety Clocks App

A common symptom among alcoholics is the tendency to deceive loved ones–and themselves. Nomo – Sobriety Clocks keeps you motivated and accountable for hard work. Recovering alcoholics can set clocks to help track progress since their last drink, and even add “accountability partners” so friends are aware of how they’re fairing. The app connects to social media so they can share their success. Trackers can receive encouragement from the recovery community as well.

Alcoholics who are distant from those that support them are most inclined to drink again. Staying connected is a challenge, but it’s the best protection against slipping backward in one’s sobriety.

Field Guide to Life App

AA has a tradition where existing members become sponsors of new members to help them through the process of sobriety. With this in mind, the Hazelden Addiction Center released the Field Guide to Life app. It provides resources, tracking tools, and challenges that help you make your recovery as dynamic and productive as possible. What’s more, it provides a panic tool to request instant support from the sober community when one is in extreme danger of drinking again.

Sober Grid

One of the more sophisticated sober apps on the market, Sober Grid uses location data to help you connect with nearby recovering alcoholics. The tool makes it easy to find and meet up with people in the area also in recovery. The app provides social features for sharing. It even allows users to indicate to others in the network that you are at risk of drinking, or in need of a ride to a meeting.

Alcoholics and addicts have more powerful tools than in our collective history of acknowledging the disease. While no device can substitute for the real-life support of family, friends, and community, these apps will help with those “in between” moments when alcoholics need extra support the most.

Start Writing to Stay Sober

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