The Truth: Can Negative Reviews Help Your Business?

negative review

Even some of the most popular businesses have suffered from seriously bad customer reviews online.

If your business has recently had one or more negative reviews written about it online, we know that your first reaction is to panic.

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But are bad reviews really the death knell that everyone says they are?

Read on to find out.

Only Positive Reviews Look Suspicious

Here’s the thing about bad business reviews: they’re a normal part of life, and they happen to everyone.

You know that you provide excellent customer service and high-quality products and services. But remember that every client has a different set of standards and expectations.

While of course, a slew of nothing but one-star reviews needs to be taken seriously, keep in mind that nothing but positive reviews can also raise customers’ eyebrows.

With countless companies paying for positive reviews, if no customer has ever expressed their discontent, shoppers will likely fail to believe all the positive reviews.

The “too good to be true” scenario is at work here — so remember that bad reviews can sometimes legitimize the good ones.

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It’s All About How You Respond

Remember that when you get a negative review, how you handle the situation says a lot about your company and the way you treat your customers.

It’s best to respond as soon as possible after the bad review has been posted.

However, always be sure you keep your cool. If you feel the information is inaccurate, it’s fine to defend yourself and calmly explain/work through the issue. But blaming or cursing out a customer makes you look incredibly unprofessional.

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Instead, ask what you can do to fix the issue. You may also want to offer the customer a free product/service in the future if they’re willing to give you another chance to make things right.

Be sure to handle it publically, so that the rest of your customers and future leads know you take customer feedback seriously.

Remember: Reputation Management Is Key

Look into working with a Toronto SEO expert that specializes in reputation management.

These professionals can help you understand the right ways to handle bad reviews, help you to bolster your relationships with customers on social media, and study overall customer feedback and buying trends to improve your business.

We strongly suggest that you hire a reputation manager to screen your blog and social media posts before you hit “send,” too.

After all, tons of companies have lost serious profits over a poorly-timed or offensive post.

Bad Reviews Don’t Have to Mean the End of Your Business

Although no one likes getting bad reviews, try to remember that a few of them are completely normal.

No matter how incredible your company is, it’s impossible to please everyone.

Instead, focus on responding promptly and fairly, attempting to fix the issue, and understanding how you can improve things in the future.

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