The Top 7 Trends in Digital Marketing in 2020

Digital Marketing Trends Visualized

Google’s algorithm adapts to user preferences and user behavior. That means that it’s changing all of the time to meet the needs of its users. While this poses a lot of benefits for people using search engines, it makes things a little tricky for small businesses that are trying to use digital marketing. 

It’s important to take note of the changes as they happen, and we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent trends in digital marketing. 

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The Essential Trends of Digital Marketing in 2020

As you work through these new factors in the algorithm you might find that the process of maintaining your campaign seems a little too difficult to do on your own. In those cases, consider working with a website marketing specialist who’s up to date on trends in digital marketing. 

1. Voice Searches

As technology advances, our ability to make searches gets easier and easier. In the current moment, that transition is coming in the form of voice searches. 

Siri is a great example of how popular this function is. Not to mention, car dashboards and hands-free phone options. These functions are coming into play more and more, allowing people to get the information they seek while without having to move or use their hands. 

This is important to understand as a marketer because all of those searches are run through a search engine of some kind. 

2. Keyword Specificity

Keyword research has been a longstanding element of SEO. It’s crucial to the process of optimizing sites because optimization is geared toward meeting users where they search. 

Searches are getting far more specific because we search differently when we use voice options. The goal of voice searches is to get the information you need as quickly as possible, and specificity is important in that sense. 

The keyword phrases might get longer and more detailed. That means you have to change your optimization to account for those differences. 

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3. The Value of Influencers

A lot more people are making their living online as content creators these days. In some cases, that means having a large following that is really loyal to you. 

People like podcasters, Youtubers, and other social influencers require sponsorships to make a living. If you can identify an influencer that falls well into your product niche, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to them and offer sponsorship. 

Audiences are likely to trust the people they follow, which means that you’ll have more success working with influencers than you would just sending out a sponsored post, for example. 

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4. Shoppable Posts

Aa lot of social sites give your posts and ads the option to be directly connected with your sales pages. 

In other words, users can click the products in your link and get sent right to the place where they can make a purchase. They don’t have to click through your profile, to your bio, to your home page, to your sales page. 

They can just see what they like, click it, and buy it. Using these options will be a huge advantage to you in sponsored posts and ads because users tend not to spend too much time with brands they aren’t familiar with. 

Allowing them to quickly make the purchase will help significantly with conversions. 

5. Chatbots and Messaging 

Consumers are beginning to expect responsiveness from the brands they engage with. Whether this means you hire an employee to handle your messaging, work with a firm, or utilize some kind of chatbot, you have to be responsive to your customers in 2020. 

This goes for both your actual website and all of your social pages. As your business scales up, you might find that the task of responding to customers online is a little more challenging than it seems right now. 

Not only does responsiveness improve your reputation, but it engages with potential customers while they’re still curious about your product. If you fail to stay in contact with them while they’re engaged, you pose a serious risk of losing business. 

6. Customer Feedback 

Customer feedback is valuable for two reasons. First, it’s one of the most important metrics used by search engines to determine your value in relation to other sites. The algorithm seeks to provide what is most valuable to users, and feedback is a clear indication of how users perceive you. 

So, a good deal of positive feedback will have your rankings spiking. On the other hand, negative feedback could send you down a few pegs. It’s important to take negative feedback in a constructive manner and change accordingly. 

Another way to incorporate feedback is by giving out a survey or reaching out directly to your customers. Ask them to go through your pages or content then fill out their thoughts. 

See if they’re enjoying what you’re doing. Further, ask them to provide suggestions on how to improve or state what they like about other websites that are similar to yours. 

7. Good SEO Fundamentals

While the nuances of search engine algorithms will change with time, it’s unlikely that the fundamental qualities of good optimization will change. 

Things like keyword research, content creation, link-building, and site architecture should still be at the forefront of your mind. Without a good underlying SEO effort, the other changes you make with the times won’t be effective. 

It’s also important to manage your profiles on various social media sites. We’ve all seen business pages that have a few followers, rarely post, and don’t seem to have any notable strategy to their online presence. 

It’s always possible to amp up your social media and digital marketing strategies and see results. The trick is having enough determination and patience to make things work. 

So, in light of all the changes that you’ll see in 2020, make sure to keep the fundamentals in line and monitor your basic metrics. 

Need More Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks?

Exploring the trends in digital marketing is one of the first steps to finding success online. We’re here to help with all of the other small details you might be curious. 

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