The Best WordPress Security Plugin: 10 Options for Your WP Site

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Are you looking for the best WordPress security plugin?

WordPress is the best content management system and website builder available for free today. The interface is easy to understand and it features built-in SEO tools.

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The only problem with the platform is that it lacks certain features which make for a sustainable website. For example, the website’s security features leave users vulnerable to cyber-attacks from viruses and hackers.

Sometimes, keeping your WordPress website secured isn’t enough to keep these threats at bay. This is where WordPress security plugins step in and protect your website. With so many plugins available to use though, which ones should you use for your website?

Read what’s below to find out the top 10 plugins for security on your WordPress website.

1. Sucuri Security

Sucuri is one of the most recognized WordPress plugins in the world when it comes to security. The reason for this is because of its strong marketing campaign following the success it found upon release. It gained its audience because of how compatible users found the plugin to be with their website.

That said, it doesn’t mean the plugin provides weak security for your website. Sucuri provides a lot of features like malware scanning and a preset of security actions made in the event someone attempts to hack your website.

2. Google Authenticator

Google’s Authenticator is the best WordPress security plugin for you if you use different devices to log in. The on-page plugin’s main feature is a two-factor authentication process. This allows you to have a secure login to your WordPress website if you have to access it off-site.

Google’s plugin is easy to use and has a quick response time in case you need to access your website in a hurry. Setting it up is also a breeze. All you need to do is link your website with another device and go through the verification process.

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You can link it to your phone, another device, or another e-mail account. The next time you log in through another device, you’ll receive a verification key on your linked device.

If you linked your website to your phone, you can access it even if you’re offline. The plugin sends the verification key to you via text message in this case.

3. BulletProof Security

Named such because of the bulletproof-like protection it gives your WordPress website, this plugin protects you from every conceivable online threat. Next time a hacker tries to force his way inside your website’s code, you’ll be glad to have this plugin installed.

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BulletProof protects you from code-injecting viruses like AdWare. It also gives you some security features like login monitoring and such. These make it so you know if someone’s trying to get in your website without your permission.

4. MalCare

If you worry about multiple attacks on your website, then MalCare is the best WP plugin for you. MalCare is proficient in layered protection for the websites who have it installed. This makes it harder for hackers to penetrate through your layers of firewalls to get into your code.

The premium version of this plugin also offers website cleaning and maintenance. This makes updating your themes and other plugins easier as it will screen them for you first. You do all these functions and monitoring from one dashboard.

It’s easy to keep track of everything with this plugin. You can also trust it to do automated maintenance and cleaning when you’re not around.

5. iThemes Security

IThemes is the perfect WordPress security tool for you if you want to discourage hackers from approaching your website. The main feature of iThemes Security is it bans anyone who attempts to hack your website.

The plugin also prevents those who tried attacking other websites from accessing yours. It does so by tracking the IP addresses of those who attempted to hack other iTheme websites before. It reports it to its database and keeps those IP addresses out of your websites.

6. All in One WP Security & Firewall

This plugin offers security on your website if your primary concern is the logged-in users. All in One does a great job in protecting your website from brute force entries. This is the type of attack where people attempt to log into your website by decoding your password.

The plugin monitors the login attempts a specific IP address has in a set period. If it exceeds a certain limit, it gives a temporary ban to that IP address.

It also allows you to force logout all users in a set time. This is great if you’re building and testing out your website.

7. Shield Security

If you want a less invasive plugin for security, then Shield Security is the best option for you. It offers the same amount of protection with most plugins. The only difference is that it gives less sudden notifications.

This may be a small change but some find it useful. The smaller notifications allow them to focus more on what they’re working on. Other plugins may notify you on useless things that Shield won’t.

8. Wordfence Security

There’s a reason why Wordfence is the most popular WordPress plugin today. Wordfence protects your WordPress plugin from the most basic security breaches. Things like multiple login attempts and leaked passwords stop becoming a problem.

It also has unique features like country blocking. This allows you to select a specific audience to become your audience.

This plugin also has a unique two-factor authentication process. This makes it so you don’t have to worry about false login attempts.

9. WebARX

If you have more than one WordPress website to manage, then WebARX is your best friend. Being one of the best plugins for security, WebARX provides a myriad of features. It monitors all your WP websites 24/7 and reports to you once it finds malicious activity.

All the reports it passes on to you are also in PDF for easier viewing. WebARX also does off-site backups for your website. In the event of a server crash, your files will be safe with WebARX.

If you learn more about managing multiple websites, you’ll be able to configure WebARX better.

10. Block Bad Queries

Looking for a quick fix to your security issues?

If you are, then consider using the Block Bad Queries plugin. This plugin has a 100% plug-and-play functionality that works on all WordPress websites. In other words, you don’t need to configure anything with your device to accommodate this plugin.

Once it’s installed, it focuses all its processes to optimizing your website’s security. Because it’s a quick fix though doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. Block Bad Queries does a good job at blocking all malicious requests entering your site.

This way, there’s no chance your website will get injected with a virus through pop-ups and such.

Use Best WordPress Security Plugin Today!

There are a lot of plugins for you to go through available online. With the help of our guide, you’ll know which is the best WordPress security plugin for your website. Get it now and improve your site’s security today!

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