The Best Options for an Email Marketing Plugin for WordPress

Email Marketing Plugin for WordPress

Email marketing is a staple marketing tool these days. Just by emailing your current and potential customers, this marketing strategy can take a small business to the next level. But did you know there is an email marketing plugin for WordPress that can make things even better? 

If you’re trying to figure out which brand provides the best email marketing plug-in, this guide has you covered. Check out the choices below.

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MailChimp is one of the better-known email marketing plugins available. It contains prebuilt, customizable signup forums and add-on plugins. You can actually use this email marketing plug-in for free, but if you want to take things to the next level you have the option to upgrade. 

There is a growing business feature that you can add for $10 per month.

MailChimp is a very smooth-operating platform that makes designing emails simple. It’s a great option for marketing advertising, consulting, businesses, and nonprofits.

OnePress Opt-in Panda

If you’re searching for a great email marketing plugin for WordPress, this is it. With OnePress, you can correspond with website visitors by integrating it with your email. It contains built-in analytics that can enhance the type of content that you provide by tracking user interactions and response times.

This plug-in option is also free, but of course, you can upgrade to a different version for $23. The great thing about this plugin is that it’s user-friendly, and optimized for mobile phones

OnePress Opt-in Panda is the perfect solution for running case studies and providing newsletters and e-commerce promotions.


Newsletter allows you to build your email list and send out emails straight from your WordPress dashboard. It includes an upgraded drag and drop email composer, a tracking option, and plenty of extensions.

Bluehost Banner

If you want to surpass their free version, there are two premium options for this plug-in. One is $45 monthly, and the other is $129 monthly.

Newsletter offers incredible, simple-to-design email templates and subscription widgets. It also includes extensions for archiving. This particular email marketing plugin best suits personal blogs, community event websites, and medium-to-small businesses.


Leadpages is all about generating leads from your landing pages, email, and other marketing platforms. It includes a variety of spectacular templates that are mobile-friendly. It also provides options for lead capturing pop-ups.

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Leadpages offers three paid options. The first is $25 per month, the second is $48 per month, and the third is $199 per month. It’s fantastic for large publications, as well as e-commerce businesses and promotional sites.

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The Best Email Marketing Plugin for WordPress

When you’re searching for an email marketing plugin for WordPress, you have to be specific about your needs. Make sure that the option you choose has all of the features that’ll enhance your communication with your subscribers, and make things easier for you.

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