The 10 Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

best wordpress themes for blogs

As a blogger, you put your heart and soul into your craft. You put so much time into your blogs, and you make sure all content posted is only the highest quality you can produce.

But what’s the ultimate blogging buzzkill? A bad website.

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If you host your blog on WordPress, you’re in luck. WordPress offers a variety of themes so your website looks incredible. Even paid themes save you time and money on hiring a web designer.

But no two themes are created equal. When you use a WordPress theme, make sure you’re using the right one. Here are the 10 best WordPress themes for blogs.

1. Growtheme

Do you host an eCommerce blog to gain customers and sales? If so, Growtheme should be your choice.

Growtheme not only features a beautiful design but is optimized for several conversion and sales features. Growtheme utilizes these benefits without the need to download different plug-ins.

With Growtheme, you can easily turn visitors into customers and create leads using tools such as email subscription.

2. Paperback

Do you use all types of media with your WordPress theme? If so, choose the Paperback theme.

This theme optimizes all media including images, galleries, video, and audio in addition to written content. The layout keeps audiences engaged and easily organizes all media.

There are also different customization options. You can choose different colors and other styles. You can even customize your font to really beef up your written content.

3. Baseline

If you’re looking for a magazine-style website, choose the theme Baseline. This theme helps keep visitors engaged and improves your click-rate.

Its main feature is its post carousel, which is when your posts appear on your website in a sliding manner. Other themes require a separate plug-in for this feature, but Baseline includes this feature in the download.

Is the carousel not right for you? You can choose any five featured posts and display them in the header or footer.

4. Cook’d

Do you have a food blog? Cook’d is your go-to theme. Don’t let this minimalist theme deter you. This theme is packed with multiple features that help support your food and cooking blog.

Unlike other themes, Cook’d allows you to choose your different design and post options. You have three homepage layout options and five blog post options.

In addition, Cook’d allows you to utilize media. You have different image size and display options to catch visitor attention. You can use the sidebars and footers for additional content such as recipe information, directions, and ingredients.

5. Smart Passive Income

For blogs in a professional industry, it can be difficult to find a bold but polished design. Look no more with the Smart Passive Income theme. This theme is made for businesses.

Large color blocks and media optimization helps increase the attention of the professional and working clients.

Smart Passive Income gives you three homepage layout options and eight widget areas. Smart Passive Income also offers plenty of space for content and leads.

6. Maker Pro

Maker Pro is one of the most minimalist but flexible themes on the market.

If you want your content and images to do the talking, this is the theme for you. There are multiple widget options, three homepage layout options, and a customizable header.

You also have different sidebar design options; you can choose a sidebar at the left or right of the page, or omit the sidebar for a more responsive full-width blog layout.

7. Aspire Pro

No matter what blogging niche you’re in, you’ll benefit from the Aspire Pro theme.

This theme combines the best of style and flexibility. The design itself is vivid and you can customize the theme to your liking. The theme offers three layout frames and four flexible templates.

Aspire Pro also comes with its SEO benefits. The design is fully responsive and is also fast. The theme is also secure, which a lot of themes don’t offer.

8. Digital Pro

For companies in the digital industries, Digital Pro is your go-to theme. This theme will beautifully display your service options, attracting leads and organizing your content.

Unlike other themes, Digital Pro supports the buying cycle. This theme is easy to navigate and takes the customer on a step-by-step journey from a lead to a paying customer.

In addition, Digital Pro includes lead generation options such as email subscription, newsletters, and other support options.

9. Atmosphere Pro

Do you run a photography blog? If you host an image-heavy blog, you need to find a theme that’s optimized for images. Look no further than Atmosphere Pro.

This theme is beautiful but flexible enough to make your website vision come to life. Atmosphere Pro offers the flexibility to display your images and designs.

Don’t think Atmosphere Pro only caters to images. Each page is customizable for written content and you also have different typography options.

10. Parallax Pro

Do you like the single-page scrolling website layout? Parallax Pro is the theme you’ve been looking for.

There are three homepage layout options with different sidebar options. There are also five areas on the homepage optimized for widgets.

If you offer a service, this design is the perfect option. You can include areas such as pricing, origin story, and a call to action. The background color is black, but accent colors include blue, green, orange, red and pink.

Time to Use the Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

WordPress makes web design easy by offering different themes. But you have to find the best WordPress themes for blogs.

These themes are great because of their design options and your ability to customize the layout. You can change the colors, font, and even the layout in its entirety.

Depending on your niche, you can use widgets and other design tools to create all of the content you need.

No matter what niche you’re in, there’s a WordPress theme for your blog.

For more help creating your WordPress website, take a look at our resources.