Taboo Topics: How to Manage a Sex Blog (and Make Money!)

sex blogs

sex blogsSex sells! And with the help of the Internet, you can turn your sex blog into a money making venture.

Starting a blog seems simple enough, right? You register a domain name. You sign up to use WordPress or Blogger.

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The start-up phase of creating a sex-themed blog is simple. But once you have a domain and a place to blog, do you know what to do next?

Your blog is just another website in the vast sea that is the Internet. Unless of course, you know the secrets to prosperity.

Keep reading for 3 tips to get your sex blog off to a hot start.

1. Don’t Neglect Your Brand

Before marketing comes branding. Branding expresses your business’ personality and tone. It shows your mission, values, and characteristics as a sex blogger.

Your brand should define what your blog is all about and why it exists. It should be catchy enough to get new clients on board.

Branding is all about strategy.

To properly brand your blog, you’ll need:

  • A memorable logo
  • Values, goals, and a mission
  • A unique voice and personality
  • A catchy tagline
  • Consistency

With the right brand, your blog will gain traction and visibility.

2. Focus on User Experience and Interface

Humans are visual lovers. In fact, we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

When browsing your site, readers will notice the overall look and feel. They’ll take note of how quickly the page loads. They’ll remember the images and basic content you’ve provided on the home page.

When creating your sex blog, don’t slack on user experience and interface. Poorly designed websites are a sinking ship.

Designing with user experience in mind involves several factors including:

  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Performance
  • Marketing
  • Design aesthetics

Poor user experience downgrades your site’s credibility. It’s also costly. If a customer leaves your blog in frustration, you cannot expect them to return. The less traffic your blog has, the less money you’ll make.

3. Provide Quality Content from the Getgo

You’re ready to make the big announcement your blog is up and ready to go. A short welcome announcement will drive people to your website. But, it may not encourage them to come back.

Before launching your website, have a stash of content written and ready to go. Along with the announcement of your blog, readers want to learn and be entertained.

Quality and catchy content from day one is a must. Post a review of a sex toy you tried last month, or share sultry details about a crazy encounter you had recently!

A successful blog is one that’s able to draw and retain a crowd.

Successful Sex Blog Startup Made Easy

Starting a blog can be a daunting task. The effort is even harder when your industry is as taboo as sex.

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