How to Successfully Monetize Your Weed Blog

weed blog

weed blogSo, you want to set up a weed blog and monetize it.

That’s great! It’s pretty easy to earn passive income through a blog, especially in a niche market like marijuana.

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However, to reap the benefits of your blog, you do need to put in the legwork up front. You’ll need to build an awesome-looking marijuana blog to start.

Once you have a blog to post on, you have to figure out what kind of content you’re going to post. Most of the ways you can make money through a blog are through content creation.

Having a good mix of the following types of content will help you earn tons on your marijuana blog!

Build Your Email List

Your email list will be your bread and butter for getting the word out about any new content you publish.

When you first start out, you’ll want to have an email sign up on your homepage and make it your call to action in each post you publish. As you grow your blog, you can start using your email list to encourage your subscribers to share your blog and sign up.

As you build your email list, focus on building a community around your blog. If people love the community and your content, they’ll be more than happy to share it.

Affiliate Programs

There are plenty of affiliate programs out there but you have to find the right ones for your blog.

We should also note to make a significant amount of money through affiliate programs, you’ll need fairly high traffic to your blog.

Amazon Affiliates is possibly the most well-known affiliate program and could make sense for your weed blog. You can find several marijuana accessories available on Amazon which you could link to in your blog posts.

For weed-specific affiliate programs, check out Cannabis Training University and Marijuana Affiliate Pro. You can find other weed-specific affiliate programs here.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is a great way to attract more viewers to your content.

Find a few companies whose products you really like and pitch the idea to write an extensive review of one of their products. Companies love this type of marketing because they know the content reaches their direct audience and comes off as more authentic.

Payment amounts differ across companies. Some offer free products while others offer a set amount per hour for content creation.

Premium Content

Premium content means someone has to pay to access it. EBooks are a favorite among bloggers looking to get into premium content.

The content in your eBook is up to you. If you find great success in monetizing your weed blog, you could write a guide for others to follow.

Another example would be if you’re into the regulatory side of marijuana and want to offer consulting services like Quantum 9.

There’s no limit to what your premium content can be. Just remember, it needs to provide excellent value to those who pay for it.

Monetizing Your Weed Blog Is Within Reach!

We hardly scratched the surface with ways you can monetize your weed blog!

Growing your email list will help you gain enough traffic to start running monetization strategies like sponsored content, display ads, and affiliate marketing. Once you have a solid community behind you, premium content will be another way to make a solid income.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the details! If you want to build an awesome marijuana blog, start with the basics then build your monetization tactics on top!