Setting Up Self Hosting for your Blog

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Here’s the EASY Step-by-Step Process

First, head over to, then click the “View Hosting Plans” button. You should see a page like the one below.

(click the pictures to make them bigger!)

OBB Aff Link

That’s the WebHostingHub home page where you’ll be able to see different pricing plans, choose your domain name and set up your hosting. Click on that huge orange button that says “Order Now” to begin this quick and easy process.

After you click “Order Now”, you’ll see a page (like below) where you’ll be able to check the availability of your domain name.

Choose Domain Name

 Choose the domain name of your choice to see if it’s current available for you to snatch up!

WebHostingHub will let you know if the name has been taken or not. Lucky for me, no one has had the genius idea to start a blog called “Suspicious Cats”, so I’m good! If you already have a domain name from another provider, input that into the box.

Once you’ve confirmed the domain name, click the “Next Step” button.

Now you should be on a page like that looks like the one below.

Confirm Domain Name Registration

 WHOIS Privacy is not essential, however if you want to keep your information hidden from the public so they don’t know this blog is yours, then keep the box checked. If not, uncheck the box and save 10 bucks. Not bad…

Click continue and let’s move forward.

Below is where you can fill out your account information and set up payment for your exclusive discount on your subscription, hosting and domain provider.

Account Info

 Don’t worry about automated secure backups, Web Hosting Hub has a secure enough platform and is always willing to help with backups manually. Selecting “No Thanks” will net you another $12 back in your pocket.

Final Step

Disregard virus and anti-spam protection as well as upgrading to Dynamo. Web Hosting Hub recently added an incredible feature where they will install the CMS WordPress on your new website for FREE. Skips a step and saves even more time!

Fill out your remaining personal information and then you’re all set.

WHH Payment

Click “PURCHASE”, and you’re good to go with your brand new website using WordPress!

Now how long did that take? About 9 minutes for me!

Haven’t started? Click the yellow button below to access my instant discount.

setup hosting and get free domain

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