Step 7 – Make Money Blogging

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It’s Not Just a Hobby, Blogging can be a Lucrative Career Too!

Lessons in Step Seven

  • How to Make Money Using Google Adsense
  • Bringing Income From Affiliate Marketing
  • Some Final Tips


Make Money Using Google Adsense


Google Adsense is a great way to start making money from your blog once you have a good number of posts and visitors. The way it works is by placing ads on your pages that target your readers.

When people click, you make money. It’s as simple as that! Here’s how to apply:

Step One: Head to this page and click the Get started now button.

Step Two: Sign in with your Google account (it’s free to make one if you don’t have one).

Step Three: Put in your website URL and select the language before reviewing the terms and conditions.

Step Four: Fill out the application and submit.

Step Five: Wait for your approval email, you should have something within a few hours.


Once you’re approved, Google will provide you with codes that you can copy/paste into your posts in the places where you want the ads to appear. A quick tip: when pasting the code in your posts, make sure you select the text option in the upper right corner of the post window in WordPress.

This mode is where you see the raw bones of your post and it’s where you can paste your text in the place you wish.

Pay The Bills With Affiliate Marketing!

Plenty of bloggers use this method to make money blogging. It’s really quite simple: you simply recommend a product or service that you personally like/use to your readers. When they make a purchase, you get a cut of the profits.

affiliate program

Here’s a list of awesome affiliate programs to try out:

Affiliate Network Type Link to Sign up
Kindle Publishing Publish your own books on Amazon
ClickBank Publish your own products and get hundreds of people to promote it
Udemy Create your own course and sell it on their marketplace
Amazon Partner Program The official partner program from Amazon https://affiliateprogram.
LeadPages Landing page service

Here’s how to get started with this:

  • Find products or services relevant to your readers that you know or trust.
  • Research their affiliate programs and apply.
  • Promote these things on your blog, but don’t overdo it!


Once you’ve set up the affiliate, you need to start marketing to your readers on your blog, on social media, anywhere you can. It’s going to competitive, so you need to work hard to spread the word.

That being said, don’t mention it in every post, and definitely don’t try to push it on your readers every time they visit a page on your site. Always be mindful of the balance between marketing and pushing.

Some Final Tips

Before you leave to go blog your way to success, allow me to offer some final tips to help you make the money you deserve:

  • It’s going to take time, be patient.
  • Always utilize multiple income sources in case one drops for any reason.
  • Consider selling your own products/services (books, tutorials, etc.)


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