Step 6 – Promote Your Blog

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Now it’s Time to Get People’s Attention

Lessons in Step Six

  • How to bring people to your blog (increasing your website traffic)
  • Tips for promoting your new posts (content promotion!)


3 Ways to Promote Your Blog and Bring in the Views!

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  1. Bring your A-Game Every Single Time!

If you’ve visited a few pages on my blog, you’ll notice that I always, always say that great content is the lifeblood of a blog or in other words the oil to the engine of a car.

Nothing else will work unless your posts are top-notch to begin with.

Keep these quick tips in mind:

  • Always provide information or advice/tips on your topics. Give your readers value by answering the toughest and most common questions.
  • Include images and videos to support your topic. We’re all visual learners so use a variety of media to supplement your writing.
  • Keep paragraphs short and use bullet points – it helps readers hold their attention longer.
  • Longer is better, but don’t just use fluff. Go as in-depth as you possibly can.


  1. Social Media is Your Friend (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)


Create profiles on major social media network like some of those listed above.

Once you’ve created a few social accounts, follow these easy steps:

  • Establish your profiles so that they represent your blog and what you do (use your blog’s name where possible for consistent branding purposes).
  • Add social media share buttons to your posts so people can share them on their own profiles.
  • Engage readers on your social media pages by interacting with people. Make updates when a new post goes live and communicate with the community.
  1. Become Active in Your Blogging Community

Your blog is part of a niche, or a series topics under the same umbrella. You’ll notice other blogs that cover that same specific topics, which isn’t a bad thing. Engaging with other bloggers (even competitors) has a lot of benefits you can take advantage of.

Think about it this way:

  • If engage with you community, you have a chance to have your blog mentioned on other blogs. Think of this as a ‘3rd party approval’ and this tells other people and search engines that you’re doing something special!
  • You can even write on other peoples blogs to help tap into their audience and drive more attention back to your blog. Also called guest posting, blog posts written by you on other blogs will help you reach a wider audience which will increase your exposure 10 fold!


Blogs are in competition with each other, but bloggers are also good people who are always willing to help out others who need it. I would know, I do it all the time  😀 

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