How to Start Your Own Used Car Blog

used car blog

Know a carburetor from a cabaret? Ready to share that knowledge with the world?

Starting a blog can turn your wisdom into income and a loyal following. But it’s not easy. Most blogs fail within the first 3 months.

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If you want to launch a used car blog, you need a plan. And we can help you make one. We’ve put together some tips to get you started.

Identify Your Niche

Readers can find a used car blog within moments of running a search. There’s no shortage of them, so how can you stand out?

Finding an angle gives your blog focus. It draws in a specific crowd and allows your content to gain additional depth.

You might choose to focus on repairs, for instance. Or perhaps you know all about buying and selling second hand. Or maybe you’re an expert on German-made cars. The key is to identify what you know and what you want to write.

You don’t have to over-specialize, but choosing a coherent direction gives your blog credibility.

Choose Your Platform

Unless you’re an expert web developer and want to create a site from scratch, you’ll want to choose a blogging platform.

Sites like WordPress offer blog themes you can customize and launch in a matter of minutes. Choosing the right platform will get your blog off the ground quicker and save you headaches down the road.

Looking for bells and whistles? Some blog platforms let you tailor your blog more than others. Some also offer personalized URLs. Consider exactly what you want and shop around to find a match.

Reach Out

Blogs don’t always have the advantage of a big brand behind them. But they do have the advantage of a network.

Historically, blogs have always worked together to get noticed and share ideas. Consider approaching other blogs in your niche for guest posts, and offer guest posts in return. If you’re worried about losing readers to your rivals, then aim for subjects adjacent to yours.

For instance, if you’re writing about buying cars in Twin Falls, you can link to local dealerships like Subaru of Twin Falls.

Start a Conversation

Think of your blog as your side of a conversation. Your side might be longer than the other side, but you’re engaging with your readers.

There are two good reasons to treat your blog like a conversation.

Firstly, opening up your blog to comments and questions engages your readers. It creates an active audience and eventually a community. This community can support you and bring others to your blog.

Secondly, any savvy site owner knows that feedback is key to the customer experience. Let your readers tell you exactly what content they’d like to see, whether it’s more of a certain topic or something you haven’t covered yet.

We’ve mentioned comments, but you can also drive the conversation by sharing your blog on social media, exposing your blog to a wider audience.

Launch Your Used Car Blog

Once you’ve considered these factors, you’re ready to start launching your used car blog. Keep using that feedback to adjust to what your readers want to see. A blog should be dynamic. With smart planning and some luck, you’ll pick up a loyal readership.

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