How to Start a Travel Blog That Attracts an Audience

how to start a travel blog

how to start a travel blogCan you imagine traveling around the world and getting paid to do it? When you learn how to start a travel blog and build an audience, you can do just that.

No doubt your passion for traveling lead you here. You’ve probably had dreams about quitting your day job and spending your life traveling to dream destinations.

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You’ve probably also thought that it’s not a practical dream.

However, when you learn to start a travel blog it could be more realistic than you thought.

Let’s take a look at how to make a website and travel blog that could help you fulfill your ultimate dream.

1. Brainstorm Your Blog Name and Niche

To have a successful travel blog, you’ll need to find a specific niche you’re passionate about.

Do you love the ocean? Are you a camping warrior? Do you want to do a tour of the best bed and breakfasts in North America?

Maybe you want to focus on adventures in specific countries, like Mr Lihn’s Adventures does.

No matter what your specific niche is, pick a blog name that makes it obvious what you do. A vague or “cutsie” name won’t help you build an audience that will eventually make you money.

For example, if you travel to and blog about haunted places, a name like “The Ghost Writer” would be a great choice.

2. Find a Web Host

Hosting isn’t expensive anymore. And most blogging hosts are pretty simple to navigate.

A great option is Bluehost, which can get you started for only around $4 a month. They also work great with WordPress, which is the software your site is going to run on.

3. Download WordPress to Power Your Site

Would you believe that WordPress powers 28% of the entire internet?

There’s a reason for that. It’s a great content management solution.

If you’ve chosen to use Bluehost as your hosting solution, installing WordPress is simple. Once you’re in your Bluehost control panel, you’ll see an option to install.

Just click it and they’ll walk you right through the process.

4. Pick a Theme

A theme is the style and layout of your WordPress powered site.

You can choose between thousands of high-quality free themes. Or, you can opt for one of the even more robust paid themes.

Keep in mind that a ton of your traffic will be coming from mobile devices. Make sure the theme you choose is mobile responsive.

5. Install Your Plugins

Plugins are sort of like mini apps to enhance the functionality of your website. Some of the ones you’ll want to install right away include:

  • Askimet
  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • Easy Social Share Buttons
  • WordPress SEO
  • SumoMe
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WordFence Security
  • Google Analytics by Yoast

These are all free to install and use.

6. Learning How to Start a Travel Blog Includes Social Media

The best way to start building your audience is by promoting your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Get all your blog’s social media pages set up before you start blogging. Then every time you blog, promote, promote then promote some more!

7. Start Writing

Now it’s time to start getting your great content out there!

Start by writing as much as you can about past trips you’ve taken. Find other bloggers in your niche and trade guest posts to drive more traffic.

Vary your posts between 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 word posts. Focus on unique keywords in each post.

Then, watch your audience grow!

Be Passionate About What You Do And Success Will Follow

Make sure you’re passionate about your niche and write with equal passion. People enjoy reading posts from writers that are passionate about what they do.

Do you have further tips on starting a travel blog? Comment below and get in the discussion!