How to Start Your Own Real Estate Blog

real estate blog

real estate blogA real estate blog can help to drive sales directly. But it can also be used to educate customers so that they know everything about the sales process.

This will make your business seem more knowledgeable than your competitors and prepare clients for a smooth sale.

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It will help them to trust you more, as you are sharing some of your industry insight with them.

Are you ready? Here’s how to get blogging really quickly.

Get a Host

Hosts are companies which keep your website or blog on its servers so that others can access it. Using a host which supplies pre-made layouts could mean your first real estate blog post is online within as little as a day.

WordPress is a fairly popular blogging host as it’s very customizable, with lots of nice-looking templates for you to use.

But there are many others out there. Whichever you use, pick a template and layout that suits your business!

Think of a Title for Your Real Estate Blog

You need a title that’s catchy and says all you need to know about the business.

You might like the personal touch, and call it something like ‘Florida Homes by Susan‘. Or you might prefer something more corporate, like ‘Real Estate Florida’.

Whichever you pick, try to give a sense of location. Using a local keyword that gives a sense of place, for example, Tallahassee, Florida, or Tampa is a really smart move.

This is because local search terms are becoming increasingly valuable for users.

What Will I Write About?

The best blogs add value to reader’s lives. They teach them something or explain something complicated. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out these blogs from entrepreneurs which hit the sweet spot.

As a real estate agent, you’re also probably aware that people tend to enjoy looking through pictures of interesting homes, so there’s scope to include ‘galleries’ as part of your blog. People love pictures!

These don’t always have to be homes you’re selling. They might just be cool houses. But make sure there’s a call to action at the end for them to take a look at your own roster too.

Whatever you do, make sure your content doesn’t just copy someone else. Google actively punishes sites which ‘borrow’ content, so don’t be tempted to save yourself some time!

Original and engaging content is the key to starting a successful blog. So think about what you can offer the world that no one else can.

I Need a Little More Help

If you need a bit more detail, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the 40 key things you need to know before you start blogging seriously. This should give you a solid foundation to work from.

A successful blog can lead to massive exposure if a popular post takes off on social media. It can also improve your SEO performance, and help you to stand out in the densely populated online market.

If you have anything to add or a story to share, please leave a comment below.