How to Start a Photography Blog

how to start a photography blog

how to start a photography blogAre you passionate about photography? Wondering how to get your work out there?

It might be time for you to start a blog!

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Putting your photography on a blog lets you share your work with the world. Whether you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the photography world, or just want a fun creative outlet to show your friends, a photography blog is a great idea.

If you’re not sure how to start a photography blog, don’t worry. With a few tips, it’s easy to get started showing off your work on a beautiful blog. We’ve put together this essential guide to starting your own successful blog. Read on to learn more!

An Essential Guide to How to Start a Photography Blog

1. Know Your Purpose

Before you dive into blogging, it’s helpful to understand a few things about your goals and your purpose.

What do you want this blog to accomplish? If you want to jumpstart your career as a professional photographer, you’ll design your blog differently than if you simply want a fun artistic outlet.

It may be helpful to write down a few goals, ideas, or simply adjectives that you’d like people to think of when they see your blog. The creation process is much easier when you have a vision in mind!

2. Find Your Audience

Of course, your blog readers will eventually find you – but first, you need to find out what kind of readers you hope to attract.

Your blog might be read by all sorts of people, but it’s good to have a certain type of reader in mind while you build it.

If your blog is a recreational project, your family and friends might be the audience you have in mind. If you hope to be hired to shoot weddings eventually, then you will be blogging for an audience of potential clients. This can greatly change the way your blog should look, so make sure you figure out the audience ahead of time.

3. Make a Schedule

It’s tempting to think that once you have your blog design figured out, the rest is easy.

However, posting updates on a photography blog can be difficult and time-consuming. You need to get the pictures, edit and format them, and design each new post to be visually pleasing. It’s easy to accidentally go for weeks or months without posting at all – unless you make a schedule.

Consistency is key. It doesn’t matter how often you post, so much as it matters that you post regularly. Whether that’s once a month or once a week, stick to it so you can keep your customers happy.

4. Start Designing

Now that the prep work is done, you can start designing your blog!

Take your time to pick a great layout and domain name that you’ll be happy with. It’s much easier to choose a name and layout you can stick with than to go back and make major changes later.

Your name should tell readers something about your blog. “The Memories Place” might be a name for a wedding and special-event photography blog, while “Natural Image” suggests a nature-themed blog.

Ready to Get Your Work Seen?

Once you’ve done the work of planning ahead, from audience to domain name, it will be much easier to run your successful photography blog – no matter what your goals are.

Now that you know how to start a photography blog, it’s time to get started! Check out more tips on building your blog here.