How to Start Nutrition Blogs That Inspire People to Live Healthy

nutrition blogs

nutrition blogsSo you’ve decided that you want to start a nutrition blog. Your great findings shouldn’t go to waste.

It’s been established that 50% of women are on diets at any given time. There are a ton of people who will find your information useful.

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It’s time to share. Apply these great tips to get your stories read and spread.

Determine Your Niche

Break your focus for your nutrition blogs into a few separate categories. You can then make sure your domains are keyword rich with what the blog targets.

Drill down into what you really know. You may have spent hours sifting through UK diet trends and every kind of fad. You could recap transformations or recipes or exercise regimes for your readers.

For example, you may really love to try new recipes and then report on your successes. You could narrow your target even more by focusing on one popular item such as “low carb smoothies.”

Lead By Example

The best leaders are great examples of the success they intend to inspire. To inspire others you need to show that the research and story you will be telling really works. Use your nutrition blogs to do just that, show tried and true results.

People love stories. Even if you don’t have a weight loss story personally, you can always tell other people’s success stories.

Write about the research and changes you tried, what was a fad, and what worked. Document, report, and share… then encourage others to contribute, too.

Interview Experts

There are authors and business owners who will appreciate the exposure to tell their story.

Nothing will up your own credibility like having other success stories on your site. It’s easy to find up and coming experts with their own success stories and send them a guest invitation to be interviewed. It’s a win-win for you both.

Encourage Change

Web MD encourages small steps, so apply this in your niche. Tell your audience to make one change at a time to provide realistic advice for their busy lives.

Nutrition blogs with recipes might encourage changing one meal a day to start. An exercise blog might say to start with five minutes per day using a simple exercise regime.

Have a system that’s spelled out clearly inspires people to give it a chance. Tell them exactly what to do and when to do it. Over time, your schedule can expand and grow. Before they know it, they’ll be right there with you.

Play On Emotions

The fear of consequences will change to pleasure with genuine results.

Whether your nutrition blogs discuss exercise or recipes, there are always definite consequences to not having a healthy lifestyle. Share worst-case scenarios to drill home what those could be.

You won’t have any shortage of volunteers who can back these claims. Encourage conversation and sharing with your followers to inspire others.

Nutrition Blogs Can Inspire

If you are still unsure about how to start with all the technical aspects of your inspirational ideas, check out how our services here can help.

If you have any more questions, contact us today to find out exactly how to move forward online.