How to Start A Music Blog And Rock It!

how to start a music blog

how to start a music blogAre you passionate about music and have knowledge to share with the world? Would you like to teach other people about quality music?

Why not try a blog?

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In today’s digital era, having some sort of online presence is a must if you want to advance in your career. And starting a blog where you can write about new musical releases, emerging bands or industry news will help you do that.

It can also be a hobby that you devote to in your spare time. And if you learn how to start a music blog properly, you’ll even make some money in the process.

Keep reading to discover the steps to launching your very first music blog.

How to Start a Music Blog People Will Love to Read

Choose a Hosting Provider and Domain Name

This is the first thing to do when you start your blog. You need a hosting company to base your website on, as well as a registered domain name (i.e. the name of your blog).

A cheap hosting provider costs around $5 per month and many of them offer a free domain name.

After, you’re ready to start building your site. The easiest way to start is to install WordPress. It’s a very user-friendly platform and you can set up a website within a day.

Pick the Genre and Niche of Your Blog

Before your blog goes live, you need to know what you’ll be posting. For example, the genre of music you’ll be focusing on and the types of articles you’ll be writing.

You may decide to review new songs, albums and bands, or report from music events and festivals. You can even test out music equipment and gadgets such as the best budget bluetooth headphones or the newest music apps.

Whatever you choose, it’s important to offer real value to your readers and be consistent.

Posting at least twice a week is a great start, but as you gain momentum and audience, you can increase the frequency to every day.

Get Active on Social Media

If you want people to learn about your blog, you’ll need to create some buzz on social media.

Open a special page for the blog on all social media networks and start sharing relevant pieces from the blog or interesting facts, pictures etc.

Being actively engaged with your readers on social media will get you a lot of shares and likes.

Make it Original

Original content is a must if you want to be ranked high by the search engines.

Posting copied content from other blogs is considered plagiarism. It’s not only punishable by law, but you’ll also be penalized by the search engines.

So the best way to come across as a serious blog with valuable information is to always produce 100% original content. If you use images, make sure they’re copyright-free (and the same goes for any music you post).

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to start a music blog, it’s time to get to work!

If you follow our steps, you could have a decent website within a few days. To avoid getting overwhelmed, make a plan on what you’ll be covering in a month and schedule everything beforehand.

Over to you – would you start a music blog? Do you have a preferred theme to write about?

Let us know in the comments below!