How to Start Monetizing Your Wellness Blog

wellness blog

wellness blogWellness is a $3.72 trillion dollar industry, globally. There are so many topics on wellness, including healthy food, physical fitness, and even mental health so it’s easy to start writing about wellness.

It’s also easy to monetize a website or blog quickly to start making money. While it’s not hard to do, it does take a little knowledge. Read on to learn how to start making money with a wellness blog.

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Pick a Niche for Your Wellness Blog

There’s a saying that goes, “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” While no one knows exactly who said it, it rings true when it comes to having a successful blog that makes money.

Pick too broad of a subject and no one will be able to relate or have a clear understanding of what the blog is about. Pick a niche too small and it might be difficult to find new things to write about.

So find a niche within wellness that is exciting, interesting, and there is previous knowledge of the subject matter. People usually catch on quickly when someone is writing about a subject they know little about.

Feature Like-Minded Brands on the Wellness Blog

It’s easier to monetize a blog once a niche has been established. At that point, people are already reading the blog and (hopefully) leaving positive feedback.

Just make sure the brands work with the theme of the blog. Promoting a brand that sells alcohol on a wellness site makes no sense. But having them “click here” to a company that does massage and chiropractic work does make sense.

Just make sure not to go too crazy. If there are too many brands, readers will feel like they are reading an advertisement rather than a blog.

Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make some money easily. It just takes a little bit of research to find out which marketing affiliations the blog should have.

Then, all that’s really needed is for the unique link to be used so that readers who click on that link are taken to a special landing page. Once that happens, the blogger gets paid.

Accept Advertisements on the Wellness Blog

Advertising is also a fantastic way to earn money while writing a blog. Advertisements usually go to the side of the blog content so that the reader can choose to click on the link if they choose to.

Just make sure that the advertisement isn’t going to take away from the content or frustrate and distract the readers.

Sell Products and Services

Of course, there may be bloggers out there who also have goods and services of their own to sell. That’s a great thing because it’s easy to simply add them to the blog and start selling.

Just make sure to use content that doesn’t sound too much like a hard sell. It can be off-putting to the readers and comes off like the whole point of the blog is to make money selling the products.

Having a wellness blog can be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Not only does it help the blogger learn more about their own wellness, but they have the opportunity to share their information with a wide audience.

It’s also okay if the desire for a wellness blog is there but the blog hasn’t been set up. That’s why we’ve got a list of the best free blog sites to get bloggers started.