How to Start an Interior Design Blog (and Make Money!)

interior design blog

interior design blogFor those who are avid readers of Houzz and who binge-watch home improvement shows like “Dress My Nest” and “Top Design,” they know interior design.

Often, the smartest way to share that expertise is to start with an interior design blog. It’s a great way to gain an audience and, by following a few rules, it can also be a way to make some money.

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Best of all, earning money with an interior design blog doesn’t have to be hard. So keep reading to learn how.

The Blog Should be Self-Hosted

In this world, the word “free” rarely means total freedom. That’s especially true when it comes to free websites like While they might not cost any money to be on, they also won’t allow a blogger to monetize their website.

Free sites don’t allow for banners, affiliate marketing, and no domain name to draw in readers. That’s why it’s much wiser to create an interior design blog from a paid site.

It’s not difficult to set up a website but the name of the site should be easy to remember and not difficult to spell. There are plenty of platforms to choose from so make sure it’s possible to monetize the blog well.

Have One Main Focus

Starting an interior design blog will be much more difficult there’s no real focus. It will confuse the blogger, its audience, and the message will be too diluted.

So figure out what the focus of the blog is about. If the blog is there to make money, then focus on that.

Every day, the main focus should be on making money for the blog. Do a little each day with that as the focus and soon the rewards will start showing up.

Put Together a Media Kit

Unfortunately, sponsors and affiliates won’t come knocking just because someone has their own interior design blog. They want to work with established sites to help them bring in more customers.

Having a media kit prepared is a great time-saver so here’s how to create one.

Share General Information About the Blog

Share why the blog is a better choice than other blogs and what makes it different. Include statistics about visitors and page views. They’ll also want stats like the age, sex, and geographic location of loyal followers for marketing purposes.

Include Advertising Options and Pricing

Figure out what types of advertising will work best for the interior design blog. Perhaps it’s banners or maybe linking is the best way to go.

It’s also important to know how much to charge. Many people start by charging $1 per 1,000 page views per month.

Terms and Conditions

Agreements can be tricky if both sides don’t communicate their expectations up front. Describe payment options, rights, and responsibilities before anyone signs anything.

Don’t Forget to Add Contact Information

Add in useful contact information like a phone number, e-mail address, website address, and mailing address so sponsors can get in touch.

Find Affiliates

Now that the media kit has been prepared, it’s time to locate potential sponsors to start pitching to. The easiest way to start earning money with any blog is with affiliate marketing.

While writing the blog, add in the links back to the affiliate marketing company. For each click they receive, they receive a certain percentage.

Find Sponsors for the Interior Design Blog

Another way to start earning money with a blog is to find sponsors. It’s important to find sponsors who actually have something to do with the type of blog being written.

It makes sense for a blog about interior design to work with a carpet company like Floor Boys as a sponsor. Carpeting is an important part of interior design. However, featuring a lawn care company wouldn’t work well because it has nothing to do with the inside of a home.

It’s important not to dilute the power of a sponsor by taking on any company willing to shell out money. Otherwise, readers will lose interest which affects profits.

Build an Email List

Building a good e-mail list is vital to earning money with a blog. It means a readership base who enjoys the topic of interior design. These are readers who want to continue learning about the subject.

E-mail lists also have high conversion rates. They’re also a great space to place sponsor links and promote products from affiliates.

The blogger can use their e-mail list to speak directly to their followers without other temptations being thrown at the readers which is what happens on Facebook or Twitter.

Start building an e-mail list immediately upon the creation of the blog. It’s easy to capture names and then all that’s left is to create good content.

Create Great Content

No one wants to read boring information they can find everywhere else. So create content that’s compelling and timeless.

Create new content on a consistent basis. If a blog is written sporadically, its readers lose interest quickly. So write at least once or twice a month on subject matters that an audience is interested in learning about.

Engage with Social Media

Social media is a great way to find new followers, share content, and earn some money. There are several reasons why.

Social media can identify and locate readers who want to engage with the writer and their blog. It’s also easy to automate sharing so that time isn’t wasted posting on social media.

It’s also possible to re-share content when appropriate. While some people read the post the first time around, newer followers haven’t viewed the post yet.

Find which social media sites work best for an interior design blog, then continue posting new content, photos, and videos to gain new fans and followers.

Keep Learning

No one finds success after reading one article to learn how to effectively market and monetize any type of blog. So keep reading and keep learning.

We constantly update and add new information on how to create a great blog that keeps attracting new readers and gets them to return week after week so keep coming back!