How to Start Your Own Digital Consulting Blog

consulting blog

consulting blogAs a digital consultant, you know the ins and outs of building a company’s brand in the digital world. You know the cutting edge technology to build brand visibility.

Why not take this knowledge and turn it into a consulting blog?

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Companies are always looking for reliable digital consulting advice. With the right steps, your blog can build leads and conversions. In turn, you can make an income sharing information!

Interested in starting a consulting blog? If so, keep reading. We’ll provide steps for creating a successful blog.

Choose a Host

There are many companies that can host your blog. One of the most well-known blogging hosts is WordPress.

With WordPress, you can have a blog up and running in just a few hours.

The best part? WordPress offers a wide variety of templates.

With the right template, you don’t have to spend days ensuring your blog is user-friendly. All you have to do is find a template you like and customize it to match your brand.

Create a Content Map

Before you open your blog to be viewed, you’ll need to have content available. You don’t want to direct users to your blog and only have a welcome message available.

Ensure you have at least 3-5 blogs available. With these blogs posted, you’ll want to work on a content map.

Creating a content map will make blog writing much easier. For the map:

  • Determine trending consulting topics
  • Create catchy blog titles
  • Know your target keywords
  • Keep your audience in mind

With a content map, there’s no guessing each week as to what blogs you’ll write.

Use Search Engine Optimization

When writing blog posts, you’ll need to write them with search engine optimization (SEO) practices in mind.

SEO is what drives traffic to your blogs. Without proper SEO techniques, your blog posts won’t have high rankings in search engine results. A high ranking is a must if you want your blogs to be read.

Common SEO tactics include:

  • Provide useful content
  • Use trending keywords
  • Use links in content
  • Ensure blogs are at least 500 words
  • Optimize images
  • Use proper URL structure

Advertise Your Consulting Blog

What good is a blog if visitors don’t know it exists? You’ll need to market your blog to ensure that people visit the website.

First, add a link to your navigation. The link heading can be as simple as “blog.” To get more traffic, advertise the link outside of your website.

Post a link on social media. Create a simple catchy message that includes a “visit the website” that directs users to your blog. In this message, you can even encourage users to post comments.

The key is to inform and engage.

Need More Help?

Looking for more tips to ensure the success of your consulting blog? Want a list of must-dos when creating a blog?

If so, check out our comprehensive guide to starting a blog.

Get informed so you can be a successful blogger!