How to Start Your Own Counseling Blog

counseling blog

Sometimes, life can be overwhelming. Whether it is from school, a job, or a relationship, things can seem like they’re too much to deal with on your own.

There’s no shame in going to counseling to help overcome your problems. In fact, it’s one of the best decisions you can make if you are feeling suffocated by your current obligations.

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But, maybe you’re on the other end of the issue. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to share your knowledge with others.

If you’re well-versed in counseling, you should strongly consider starting your own counseling blog.

Read on to discover exactly what you need in order to make it as informative and intriguing as possible.

Consider What You Know Best

The term “counseling” itself is very broad. It simply refers to giving someone advice in order to help them overcome a personal issue.

But, there are many different forms of counseling. These include marriage counseling, therapy for other types of relationships, and even counseling for depression and anxiety.

Before you begin posting on your blog, take a moment to reflect on what type of counseling you can best offer your readers.

Do you have a concentration in something specific like long-distance relationships? Maybe relationships between children and a single parent?

The more knowledgeable you are, the better advice you can offer your readers. Therefore, you should only choose to write about topics that you have extensive experience in.

Determine Your Audience

This goes hand in hand with the topics you choose to write about. But, you also need to delve a little deeper into this concept.

For example, if you are versed in marriage counseling, you’re obviously going to be writing for spouses who are undergoing a difficult time in their relationship.

But, what type of audience will benefit the most from your counseling blog?

Perhaps it’s newlyweds, or those who are separated. Or even those who are older and have fallen out of love.

While you should specify your audience before you write a blog post, your blog as a whole can appeal to a larger demographic.

In the case of marriage, one post could be about how to handle being separated and avoid divorce. The next could be directed toward those who have been married for years and have experienced a loss of passion.

As long as you make your content relevant to your audience, there will always be people looking for it.

Make Your Advice Accessible

Since you are not offering your counseling in an intimate, one-on-one setting, you can’t offer advice that is too in-depth.

In fact, you may find yourself having a hard time to write for people who you have never spoken to.

But, solid, accessible counseling advice that can apply to a variety of potential situations may be exactly what your readers need to hear.

Still on the fence? You can learn more here about online therapy.

Take Your Counseling Blog Seriously

Your readers will find your content because they have an issue they need help with. Take your blogging seriously so that you can help them overcome their problems.

To learn just how easy it is to start a blog, check out our guide.