How to Start Your Own Auto Repair Blog

auto repair blog

fotolia 167579673 subscription monthly m Do you run an auto repair shop and are ready to go digital with a company blog?

Maybe you’re just passionate about cars and helping people repair them?

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Either way, this guide is here to help you on your quest to starting your own auto repair blog.

You want your blog to be eye catching and full of valuable information that will attract readers. Read on to discover 3 tips on creating an amazing blog and kicking your business into gear.

1) Show Your Skill

One of the best ways to get your auto repair blog noticed is to give evidence of your skill.

Post photos of auto repair jobs you’ve completed. Whether it was repairing an engine, or fixing a car stereo, adding visual evidence to your blog will help readers see that you’re the real deal.

If you haven’t done so in the past, start taking before and after photos of your car repair work for your blog.

Make sure these photos are high quality so people can visibly see the repairs you made.

Readers love images in blog posts as it breaks up the text they have to read.

2) Sell Products on Your Blog

If you’re skilled at fixing cars and really know your stuff, there’s nothing wrong with monetizing your auto repair blog.

Do this by selling products on your blog page.

Make sure to sell products that your readers will really care about. For instance, if you make a post about a certain intake manifold cleaner you swear by, make the product for sale in the blog post.

Don’t just post random links to random products. Always tell a reader what they’re clicking on up front so they don’t feel coerced into clicking on products they don’t want or need.

Give your readers credible reasons to buy your product or the product you’re promoting. Tell your reader why the product will enhance their lives, or at the very least their cars.

3) Build a Readership

If you’re taking the time to write an auto repair blog, we assume you want people to take the time to read it.

For this to happen you must build a faithful readership.

Begin by becoming active in other auto repair blog’s comment sections. Continually show your knowledge about cars by posting coherent and thoughtful comments that will get people to engage with you.

Once people see that you know what you’re talking about, they’ll be more interested in looking at your blog and seeing what you have to offer.

Additionally, build a readership by advertising your blog on social media. Post the link to your auto repair blog on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that your friends can check it out and share it with their friends.

Shift Your Auto Repair Blog Into High Gear

Use these three tips to start your blog and become one of the most read auto repair blogs on the internet.

If you show your readers why you’re a great auto repairman, offer them quality products, and develop a faithful leadership, your blog is bound to take off quickly.

We are passionate about helping you develop the blog of your dreams.

If you have any questions about building a website, check out our blog building tips here.