How to Start Your Own Addict’s Blog in Less Than 12 Steps

addicts blog

addicts blogFinding oneself in the grips of addiction to dull the otherwise painful parts of one’s life is something many people are no stranger to. However, when it comes to sobriety and addiction, writing can be a great aid in recovery.

These days there is a blog for everything. From lifestyle blogs to sewing blogs, there is a slew of sites on the market for everyday, mundane things. What we need more of are blogs that reach out to people that are in serious need.

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There are many people out there that think no one else feels the way they do on their steps to recovery. Being able to tap into the internet for resources and help can be invaluable for many that are suffering.

So, how do you start a blog with a focus on recovery, the program, and what it’s like to detox?

We’ve done the blog research for you and have compiled a list of steps that can get you headed toward a blog that will help addicts all over the globe.

Here are some tips to follow when starting up your blog:

Start Now

Perhaps creating an addict’s blog seems like a massive feat, so you’re dragging your feet. You have to start somewhere. The key to starting down the path to success is just that, starting.

There are many excuses we can give ourselves throughout any given day to not begin what we’re dreaming of doing. We convince ourselves there isn’t enough time or that they are other things we should be doing. Maybe we even believe in our heart of hearts that it will just be too hard.

However, no one succeeds without putting themselves out there and making the effort. Do not stay stuck where you’re at. You just need to start.

Risk falling apart a little at the beginning, and certainly stay open and vulnerable. Don’t listen to the negative thoughts and just begin writing. Put your thoughts down, even if they aren’t perfectly organized and seem a little messy.

Read Similar Blogs

You can kickstart your creative juices by reading other addict’s blogs. You’ll find inspiration and possibly the voice you want to use on your blog.

Read things that reflect your own voice that you feel connected to. As you hone your communication style, you’ll find the perfect voice for your blog that will help other people. Also, read things that make you angry.

Anger is a fantastic tool when used correctly. It can fire you up and help you figure out how to express yourself through the written word.

Organize Your Writing

All those messy thoughts you wrote down now need to be organized into actual subject matter and content. Use a note-taking system that syncs with your cloud and downloads directly to all of your devices.

If you leave the cafe you were writing at, you can continue with the same notes in the taxi on your phone and into your apartment on your computer. Leave your notes organized and seamless through a system that can help you find the exact thought you were looking for.

AA Aesthetic and Audience

You might think AA is just for Alcoholics Anonymous, but now you’re a writer for that crowd. AA for you now means aesthetic and audience. Focusing on both of those things can help you find your target group and also the design and flow of your addict’s blog.

Design your site as if you were a potential reader. Make it a place that is pleasing to the eye and create a space that people will want to keep returning. Keep your message clear and consistent so you don’t lose track of your audience, and create a style that makes people feel comfortable.

Tell The Truth on Your Addict’s Blog

It might be difficult at first, but you need to tell the truth. The best blogs are those with writers that are open, honest, and vulnerable. You can not learn from another’s experience if it is not completely truthful.

Did you also go through a painful alcohol detox at home? Write about it.

You never know who you can help by being completely honest in all of the details. You might connect with people in ways you never thought possible.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

You’re writing a blog, not a novel, and certainly not prose. While you will learn to hone your skills as a writer, at the start don’t fret too much about grammar and phrasing.

A blogger is someone with a story they need to express. Do your best to spell check and proofread, and then let your baby fly out into the interweb on your addict’s blog. Write often and write well, while also keeping it simple.

Keep It Simple

There is no reason to overcomplicate your addict’s blog or the stories you post on it. Find a blog that inspires you and model yours after it. Take the good from the blog you admire and eliminate the bad.

When you release your blog, do so slowly and only a few social media channels. Figure out if you want to stay anonymous or not, and most of all- keep it simple.

Anonymous Or Not

Addict’s blogs are full of anonymous writers. It’s time for you to decide if you’d like to disclose your name and information, or if you want to be a sort of ghostwriter.

Write fearlessly, graphically, and brutally regardless of the option you choose. It can be scary at first, but you’ll get into it.

Be Committed

Make a goal and stick to it. Do you want to write whenever you have the urge or are you the type of writer that needs daily goals?

The only way to fight writer’s block is to keep writing. You might feel worthless in your writing at times, but if you stay committed this will pass. Remember that starting an addict’s blog is a process.

Get mad, get up and walk, have some coffee, and keep going.

Stay Strong

Do not give up. Keep writing. Write every day for hours at a time.

If you want a successful blog that can help recovering users everywhere, then you’ve got to commit yourself, keep it simple, and tell the truth. Consider exactly what kind of addict’s you would like to target, and find your voice.

When you’re ready to start the ultimate blog, start here for free.