Skip the Ads: Monetizing Your Early Education Blog

early education blog

early education blogTeacher salaries are low, and many educators struggle to make ends meet.

If you love teaching but need to pay the bills, starting an early education blog is an excellent outlet for your passion that can make you big bucks.

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Continue reading to learn how you can make money with an education blog.

5 Way to Monetize Your Early Education Blog

Everyone knows advertisements are annoying, but there are other ways your blog can make you money.

Read below for five ways to monetize your blog without using advertising.

1. Electronic Classroom Materials

Technology is a vital tool in the modern classroom. Capitalize on this trend, and sell electronic classroom materials from your blog.

Interactive e-books are popular in classrooms because they provide differentiated and self-paced instruction.  Smart board presentations are another popular tech-tool in classrooms — along with educational apps and games.

Help parents and teachers meaningfully introduce students to technology by creating excellent electronic classroom tools.

2. E-courses

Online learning is an over 100 billion dollar industry. Profit from this growing market with E-courses.

Recently, homeschooling has dramatically increased in popularity. Parents need training and resources to be successful in their instruction, which you can provide through your blog.

Setting up an e-course can be time-consuming, but once it is created it can be used infinitely to generate income.

3. Online Workshops

An online workshop is a live, interactive lecture that lasts 2-3 hours. Workshops help you personally connect with parents and teachers.

Below are a few examples of workshop topics for your early education blog:

  • Recent developments in the fields of early childhood education.
  • Tips and tricks for parents of children with learning disabilities.
  • Specific strategies for classroom management or assessment.

The ideas are endless, and recorded workshops can be packaged into larger courses to continue making you money!

4. Public Speaking Events and Training

Public speaking events are a lucrative way to monetize your blog. Once you build your readership you can start booking live training and speaking events.

Some examples of potential live speaking events are:

  • Lectures for early learning kindergarten teachers on the latest instruction methods.
  • Workshops at school district meetings.
  • Workshops on homeschooling basics.

Live events help you build a more inmate relationship with readers, which keeps them coming back to you for more.

5. Product Reviews

Teachers spend thousands of dollars on classroom supplies each year. Product reviews help save teachers’ money.

Honest reviews of popular products help teachers and parents make better choices about back-to-school shopping. You can also introduce teachers to life-saving classroom supplies you absolutely love.

Help other teachers save money, and snag some sweet goodies for your own classroom, write product reviews!

 Get Blogging

There are many ways to make money blogging if you are creative and committed. Starting a blog is a great supplement to your teaching income. And with the right amount of commitment, it can be a full-time job itself.

Remember: starting a blog is a process. It takes time to build your blog and its audience. But with dedication and effort, your early education blog will be making money in no time.