Should I Outsource My Fulfillment Team?

fulfillment center

Logistics might not whip you into a lather of excitement, but you must care about it. Why?

Your customers care about. At least, they care about how fast you ship their order to them. Drop the ball on shipping and you risk losing all of that customer’s future business.

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One thing customers enjoy in this world of digital storefronts and eCommerce is options. They can find that product or one a lot like it elsewhere.

That prospect might leave you wondering, “Should I outsource my fulfillment team?”

If so, keep reading and find out if outsourced fulfillment is right for you.

Your Company Is Growing Fast

Periods of growth often prove challenging for a company. While more sales mean more profit, it also means more work.

These periods often call for fast hiring, which becomes its own problem. Fast expansion of your employee roster means supervisors get overwhelmed trying to onboard them properly. Established procedures and even company cultures can collapse under the strain.

If this sounds familiar or you see signs of it in your business, it’s probably time to outsource your fulfillment process. It lets you focus on building your team for core functions, like product development and manufacturing.

You’re Falling Behind on Shipping Orders

Unfortunately, the times when most businesses see a big uptick in orders is also the time when customers prove least forgiving about delays. That’s right, we’re talking about the holidays. It’s a time when people wait until the last second to order gifts out of a financial need or a quest for secrecy.

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Once you start lagging behind on shipping, it routinely becomes a downward spiral. New orders keep coming in, but your people haven’t even shipped last week’s orders.

Outsourcing lets you offload those challenges onto experts.

You Don’t Want to Deal with It

If you sell multiple products of varying sizes, the challenges of shipping compound on each other. Not only must you make sure things go out on time, but you must also make sure you keep a ready-supply of right-sized boxes.

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It’s the exact kind of thing that can slip through the cracks if you get a sudden spike in orders. It’s also the exact kind of thing that business owners and managers don’t like overseeing.

Third-party fulfillment services, like Fulfilltopia, don’t lose track of keeping the right shipping supplies on hand. They always have them because that is their core business.

Parting Thought on Should I Outsource My Fulfillment Team

Any number of reasons might make you think, “I should outsource my fulfillment team.” You find yourself struggling to staff your shipping department. You may also find procedures and a carefully built company culture collapsing under the weight of many new hires.

If your business already struggles to ship on time, that can make outsourcing both appealing and necessary. Then again, maybe you just dislike that part of your business. Since it’s not a core function, it actually makes sense to turn over responsibility for it to experts.

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