Sell It Online: Monetizing your Blog Through Products

sell it online

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If so, consider making money by selling products on your blog.

Whether blogging is a hobby or something you do for your job, adding products to your blog can make it more lucrative.

It doesn’t matter if you have your own product, or are selling someone else’s, this guide will break down how to sell it online and start making money today:

1) Sell the Right Stuff

In order to make money off selling things on your blog, you must sell items that your readers actually want.

To do this, consider what type of blog you run. Is it a lifestyle blog? A Fashion blog? A sports blog? A fitness blog?

Take whatever type of blog you run and sell products that relate to it.

Craft blog posts talking about your favorite products and then at the end of your post give your readers a chance to buy the product through your site.

If you have loyal readers who love your blog, they will often trust your opinions on products too and be open to buying something from you.

2) Sell Subscriptions to Your Readers

You currently give away a lot of information and knowledge for free, and that’s great. But what if you offered an exclusive membership to readers for a fee?

Charge avid readers of your blog a membership fee in order to gain access to more content.

You can still put out plenty of free information, but you can also sell subscriptions to your readers who want even more of your awesome content.

3) Be Up Front With Your Readers

Don’t try to trick your readers into clicking on links that will lead them to products they don’t need or want.

Instead, clearly and proudly explain what you’re selling and why your reader would benefit from it.

For instance, if you run a health and wellness blog in Colorado, don’t link your readers to something like best fast food restaurants. Similarly, if you run a video game blog, don’t link your readers to cheap cigarettes uk.

Keep the products you’re selling relevant!

This authenticity will make your reader more interested in your product because they won’t feel like they were duped into clicking on an advertisement.

If you know about a quality product, by all means, sell it online on your blog. Just be authentic about what you’re selling.

4) Sell Your Side Gig

Do you have a side job making jewelry, candles, or some other product?

If so, why not sell it online?

Your blog is the perfect place to sell things that you make. Even if the object you make doesn’t relate to your blog, your readers will appreciate seeing something you made yourself.

To Wrap Things Up

With these tips, you too can become a blogger who makes thousands of dollars a year selling products on your blog.

The important things to remember are; sell products you believe in, be up front with your advertising, and monetize off of your hobbies.

If you have any questions about these tips please contact us here.