The Secrets Behind Top Personal Development Bloggers

personal development bloggers

personal development bloggersYou know you’re a talented writer. You’ve written some amazing blog posts. You know you have great things to offer your readers in the realm of personal development.

But, you just can’t seem to get the level of traffic to your blog to make it consistently profitable.

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Let’s take a look at the secrets behind top personal development bloggers.

#1 Secret of Top Personal Development Bloggers: Spread the Word

This first secret is often times a weakness for the personal development bloggers. This is usually because personal development lends itself to humility and subtlety.

When you establish your blogging platform, don’t fall into this modesty trap. You are capable and competent. You have something to offer.

You have a service/product that is worth recognition. And, most importantly, you’re worth it.

Sprinkle your blog wherever possible:

  • In comments on online videos
  • On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • On Guest post links
  • In Forums
  • In appropriate emails
  • Anywhere that makes it easier for potential readers to find you

Show confidence, not arrogance. Humility rather than victimhood. Spread the word, and others will too.

#2 Secret: Understand How to Inspire Motivation

Taking a lesson from the stages of change model, motivation arises in different phases. The stages are:

  1. Pre-contemplation- not sold on using your service/product (doesn’t see a need for personal development)
  2. Contemplation- thinking about buying in (sort of sees a need)
  3. Preparation- getting ready to buy in (sees a need)
  4. Action- ready to take a step to pursue your product/service (ready to address the need)
  5. Maintenance- continuing to use your product or service

For the first and second stages, you need to clearly communicate what you have to offer in language an 8th grader can understand. Provide support for why a person would benefit from pursuing your product or service. Convey a sense of hope for things getting better.

Keep in mind that a person may not seek you out if they don’t feel you’ve sold them on what you have to offer. Don’t be shy or afraid to sell yourself.

For the third and fourth stages, you should give support and encouragement through your words. Bolster your readers into seeing you as both a business and a human being.

The key is to know your audience. But also speak at a level that can reach a person at any of these stages. And include in your blog aspects that address each phase.

#3 Secret: Know What Content Encourages Traffic

Passion encourages traffic. Credible information inspires traffic. Work that is play facilitates traffic. Hope stimulates traffic.

Compassion brings in traffic. For those seeking to further their personal development, compassion is vital. We should aim to build a Compassion USA, Compassion Europe, Compassion Asia and every other spot on this Earth we all call home.

Whether you’re creating a website or blog post, balance your empathic side with your business side. Many personal development bloggers get stuck at passion. But adding the sell and credible citing in with it is a recipe for success.

Personal Development Begins With Ourselves

Growth always begins with ourselves.

We can honor our growth by pursuing opportunities to further our consciousness and eliminate beliefs that no longer serve us.

We are the future!