Reward Your Writers! Why Employee Recognition Programs Are Important

Employee Receiving Recognition

If an employee is feeling undervalued, they may be inclined to quit.

In fact, only 67% of United States workers surveyed last year that were considering quitting said they were valued at their place of work.

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How can you make your employees feel appreciated on the job?

To learn about employee recognition programs and how you can implement them at work, keep reading to find out more. 

What Is Employee Recognition?

When you’re able to help your valuable employees feel like they matter in the workplace, you are helping them feel the support they need to do their job well.

Employee recognition is telling or showing an employee that you see how hard they have been working. It can be formal or informal and it can also correlate with the values and hard work your company admires. 

People need to feel appreciated. When an employee is recognized for their efforts, they will feel confirmation that they are doing a good job and want to continue to work hard.

This motivation is great for the employee, which is also great for the company as a whole. It may even motivate other employees and boost overall morale

Whether your writers work from home or are working in the office, employee recognition is important to boost their self-esteem. Giving praise to your employees will provide a productive workplace! 

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Employee Recognition Programs

Employee recognition is important for overall office comradery. How can you make it work for your employees?

Every workplace is different, so think about what your employees would actually enjoy. 

Giving and Receiving Kudos

During your meetings, it is easy to allow other employees to give each other ‘kudos’ for a job well done. You may even be able to do this through email or another online outlet to make it easier! 

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When people are shown appreciation by peers, it will build respect. Everyone likes to be showered with praise and doing so in a public setting could be a good idea. 

Plan Something Special

If your office doesn’t have the budget to buy elaborate gifts, but you still want to do something above and beyond, this may be a good option for you.

One idea is to plan a ‘Bring Your Pet to Work Day’ or something similar. This will show your whole office that you notice they are doing great things for the company and you want to appreciate each of them with something they would enjoy.

You could also provide extra time at lunch or during breaks for certain employees that you have noticed working hard. 

Another option is to mention your best employees on your newsletters or social media channels. You may even want to send out regular emails to the whole office regarding the employees that are doing great, what they did, and how it impacted the overall work of the office! 

Hand Out Awards

In some office spaces, giving awards during big events or even monthly meetings can be a great way to boost morale. 

You could give awards out for a variety of categories that relate back to your company’s goals and aspirations. 

If you’re looking for custom employee awards, you’ll find that these are generally something your employees will really appreciate. 

Acknowledge Your Workers

By planning employee recognition programs, you’ll see that your workers appreciate the extra effort you take in appreciating them!

Having a sense of community and respect in your office is crucial to overall success.

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