Rack Up the Views! How to Promote Your Blog and Reach New Audiences

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Writing a blog is easy. Getting people to read it is not.

Starting a blog seems like a rite of passage these days. Everyone and their mom has or has had one over the years. Of course, everyone wants loads of people to read their blog, but it’s just not that easy.

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Getting people to read your blog involves a lot of internet know-how. If you’re trying to monetize your blog or using this blog to garner attention for your small business, then you need to learn about digital marketing, SEO trends, PPC advertising, and the like. 

In this post, we’re going to go over some of these blog promotion tactics and how to employ them to get more visitors. Once you’ve got visitors, you can take your blog to new heights and even make money by posting one day.

Sit back and let us tell you how to promote your blog.

How to Promote Your Blog These Days

There isn’t just one way to get readers. Some people find their niche, catch on, and go viral without much extra effort. Other people need to put a little bit of behind the scenes work in to get attention. That’s where most blogs reside. 

Learning a little bit about content marketing trends will go a long way, as you’ll find out. Having a voice, finding your niche, and building a brand is all completely necessary and will help you appeal to people. But, you’re going to have to use SEO and other forms of digital advertising to really spread awareness about your blog.

Use Social Media

Let’s start with a more common-sensical way to promote your blog. When you’re a young blogger, the first place that you’re going to promote your work is via your social media accounts. If you’re a business owner, using your social media pages to spread the word of new blog posts, promotions, sales, etc., is commonplace.

However, just linking to your blog posts and disappearing isn’t the best way to go about promotion. You have to have a strategy in place in order to maximize your ability to appeal to an audience. 

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Keep your focus on the biggest social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is where all the potential readers will be looking. When you post something, engage with the initial feedback that you get from your followers.

Engaging with people on social media is the best way to grow your social media numbers and growing your social media numbers will lead to more blog viewers. 

Encourage Word of Mouth

When you get a small reader base, encourage them to spread the word about your blog. Encourage reposting and sharing when you link to one of your posts on social media. It sounds like an easy thing to do, sharing an article, but if you haven’t laid the groundwork by engaging with your friends and followers, they might not bother.

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When you’re writing in a particular niche, there will be message boards and forums specific to the topics that you’re writing on. Check out subreddits related to your blog topics, engage with those people, and link them to your blog posts to spread the word about your work.


Search engine optimization remains one of the most important digital marketing tools that we’ve got. Being one of the top pages on Google when certain keywords are typed in is invaluable and will give you an unprecedented number of readers. 

It sounds easy, but it’s not all about keywords. SEO has as much to do with the images on your landing pages and the way your page works on a tablet as it does with keywords. 

Make sure that you’ve got good web hosting and that your page looks good. Looks matter when it comes to websites. So does speed. If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you’re going to lose a huge number of potential readers.

Keep image sizes low and limit the number of plugins that you use. Overloading a site with these things will ultimately slow it down and cost you a lot of readers. Stick to the most integral plugins and only insert images that add to what you’re talking about in your post.

Most people, at least some of the time, conduct searches on their phones or tablets. For that reason, you need to optimize your site for mobile so that it’s as navigable and pleasant looking on a phone as it is on a computer. A shoddy mobile site will cause you to lose visitors.

All of this stuff is crucial to bringing you up to the top of the SERP. Once you’re there, there’s no stopping you.

Relationship Marketing

You can’t be expected to get readers all on your own, willy-nilly. Relationship marketing is exactly what it sounds like. Building meaningful, businesslike relationships with other, more popular bloggers and influencers will go a long way to getting a good reader-base of your own.

Having influencers promote your material exposes it to a whole new, much larger, group of people online. Even if a small percentage of their followers read your post because the influencer told them to, that’s more readers than you would’ve gotten otherwise. 

You can arrange this by cultivating relationships. Comment on the influencer’s posts, mention them in your posts, then reach out to them for an interview or invite them to write a guest post on your blog.

You Don’t Have to Pay Up

These methods of promotion are all free and they’ll all work if used properly and your blog is good. Sometimes, however, it’s just easier to pay for marketing like they used to do back in the day. Paying for Facebook and Instagram ads can pay off, but then you’re playing a long game.

While you’re a young blogger, be patient and try out some of these free promotional tactics. When you start to see a little bit of success and a tiny bit of money, then you can focus your efforts on PPC ads and paid social media ads.

For now, develop your voice, and learn how to promote your blog on your own. Check out the rest of our site for more great tips for growing your blog business. 

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