How to Promote Your Website or Blog and Make a Profit

how to promote your website

The new and exciting world of blogging is full of unexpected benefits.

No matter what you write about, committing to being your own boss is pretty cool. You call the shots – from your work environment to your hours and breaks.

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However, there are some tougher decisions that come with this life, too.

How are you going to make a name for yourself?

Who is going to pay you for your posts?

Don’t worry, we have the tips you need to understand how to promote your website and establish an income.

1. Try Guest Blogging

Make a list of leading bloggers in your industry and ask if they need help writing their content.

Offering posts to people who already have a profession doing the same thing might sound backward. But, guest blogging works.

The person you reach out to will appreciate some extra new content. To be of even more benefit, try to find people whose market or writing style is similar to yours.

Don’t forget to slip in a link to your website, either.

This allows you to make money writing for another blog and start building traffic for your site at the same time. Plus, it strengthens your SEO strategy, too.

2. Do Product Reviews

Another way to see how to promote your website is to offer product reviews.

Typically, you write reviews on your blog and link to the business you’re partnering with.

Good reviews set you up as a credible source in your industry. You can write a review of a new makeup line, a travel destination, or even a new piece of automotive equipment.

The possibilities are endless, but we recommend sticking to a niche you’re passionate about.

3. Perfect Your Pitch

The more passion you have for something, the better your pitch will be.

This is of high urgency because you can’t partner with other bloggers and industry influencers without getting their attention.

Work on your crafting your pitch to be a balance of personality and professionalism.

One way to do this in a digital space is to have an email template ready to go. Then, all you have to do is cater certain details as you reach out to new leads. Or, you can streamline your email process with marketing automation tools.

However you approach this step, always make sure your main point and value proposition are the same.

Remember, your pitch is an extension of your brand.

It’s what you know you can deliver to improve someone else’s business.

4. Invest in Your Blog First

As much as you want to build your income, it pays to put your money where your words are.

Consider attending a conference every year to stay connected in the industry. You can choose a niche-focused event around the topics you like to write about, or something open to all kinds of bloggers.

Either way, take full advantage of it. This is your time to get your website in front of more users. It’s where you can show off what you do and meet new people along the way.

These contacts become great resources for future projects and ideas. Some might even need your services, which ends up putting money right back into your pocket for profit.

Learn the Basics Before You Focus on How to Promote Your Website

Before you can build your blog, you have to claim your space.

Take your time deciding the right domain name for your website. Consider what kind of market you want to operate in and how to stand out.

When you’ve got the name down, you can build a brand around it.

Click here to start setting everything up!