How to Monetize Your Plastic Surgery Blog

Are you looking to monetize your plastic surgery blog? You should, as the returns can be absolutely huge.

Top bloggers are earning six to seven figures every month thanks to their efforts.

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If you have informative, engaging, and above all valuable content, monetizing it has to be the next logical step in your journey.

Here are all the tips you need to get started with the monetization process.

Affiliate Marketing for Your Plastic Surgery Blog

Affiliate marketing means you include links in your own content which track your users’ activities on the external destination site. If they make a purchase (and sometimes just for a clickthrough) you’ll receive a payment from that site.

If you have good content, it’s such an easy way to market something. You just drop your links casually into your writing.

For example, if you’re writing about liposculpture, you might say: “Atlanta Face and Body offers liposculpture for a better-contoured body shape.”

The link might then pay you a fee each time someone clicked on it. Easy, right?

How’s Are You Getting People to Your Blog?

Affiliate marketing is great, but it requires users to click on your links. If there’s no one reading your content, this volume – and therefore your ROI – will be low.

You need to have an effective acquisition and retention strategy. To be less formal, you need to get readers’ attention – and keep it.

Focusing on hitting the right keywords from an SEO perspective is a good start. But as you grow, you’ll also want to look into email marketing. With these, you can directly promote certain blog posts, as well as goods and services for your affiliate marketing.

If you keep in touch regularly with subscribers, you should keep their attention too.

Start an Online Store

Maintaining an online store takes up more of your time than simple affiliate marketing, but it means you have more control over your income stream.

A plastic surgery blog might succeed in selling aftercare products, or non-surgical solutions to cosmetic issues.

It may make sense to team up with another business to outsource the goods and delivery services. You can then focus on pushing the products through your blogging.

Look at What Your Competitors Are Doing

If you’re stuck for new routes to monetize your plastic surgery blog, check out what your competitors are doing.

Looking around their site, you may get ideas for sponsors or advertisers to reach out to. In fact, advertising is another important revenue source we haven’t touched on yet.

While regular paid advertisements are harder to attain, the payments can be much higher those from affiliate marketing.

You might also be struck with inspiration for your own take on a hot new trend topic. It always pays to keep up with the neighbors!

Learn More Blogging Best Practices

Running a blog is hard work, so it’s important the time you put into it delivers the rewards you deserve.

Our own blog gives you loads of free tips and tricks on how to make this happen.

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