How to Monetize Your Medical Billing Blog

medical billing blog

medical billing blogNow that you have your medical billing blog set up, you need to consider how best to monetize your blog. You’ve probably heard about the people who make lots of money through their blog. But do you know how they do this?

We’re going to go through some of the most popular and simple methods of how to make money from your medical billing blog.

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Pay-Per-Click Ads

Many medical billing blogs, such as Apache Health, are finding innovative ways of monetizing their blogs. One of these is Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC is one of the most popular ways to monetize your medical billing blog.

And it’s simple – you get paid every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of the ads.

For starters, you need to sign up to a provider. Google Adsense is the most commonly used provider, but there are many more. The provider will send you a code for your site, followed by ads that relevant to your blog’s content.

Only a small percentage of visitors to your site will actually click on the ads. Therefore, you need quite a lot of traffic to your site for this to be profitable.

If you go with this method of monetizing your blog, then it’s important to consider carefully where you place the ads.

Cost-Per-Mile Ads

Cost-per Mile (CPM) ads differ from PPC ads in that it’s based on impressions (views) rather than clicks.

This is usually calculated according to a certain number of impressions. For example, for every 500 impressions, you get paid. Again this is dependent on a lot of traffic on your site.

Again, there are many providers of CPM out there. The best providers have better quality ads with higher pay rates.

Text Link Ads

Text link ads are when you place ads within the text of your blog posts. When you’re writing about a particular subject, you can place a related text link ad in the post to links your readers to a product or service.

However, don’t do this until you have signed up to advertise a product or service.

One advantage of the text link ad method of monetizing your medical billing blog is that it may be less intrusive and irritating.

Sell Space on Your Medical Billing Blog

Another way to monetize your blog is through selling space on your site. You’ve seen banners on top of websites before? Advertisers are always keen to display their banners at the top of popular websites.

One advantage of this is that you don’t have to go via a provider, but you can simply charge the advertiser what you want. This is usually agreed for a particular amount of time and cost.

You may find this is quite time-consuming compared to other methods because you need to communicate with the advertiser yourself.

Now you know some of the best tips and methods for monetizing your blog, what are you waiting for? You’ve seen how easy it is, so get started with making money by implementing these tips into your blog.