How to Monetize an Interior Design Website

interior design website

interior design websiteAre you keen on interior design – and even keener to make some money out of your online expertise?

If you run an interior design website, you’ll frequently be referring to brands and products when making recommendations.

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This guide will help you to turn your website into a money-maker.

Pick the Right Web Host

Some web hosts won’t let you host adverts. Without those, it’s much harder to make a dime off your web presence. So you might need to migrate to a new provider before kicking off the cash flow.

To maximize profit from your interior design website, there are even some free hosts out there that allow banners, ads and affiliate links (we’ll get onto each of these in a minute).

Get Sponsors for Your Interior Design Website

Put together a media kit, explaining what your site is about, how many page views you get, and what adverts you can host.

Send this to prospective companies who would be keen to be mentioned in your blogs or website pages. Then suggest a fee for mentions and advertisements.

The higher the traffic of your website, the more likely they are to agree. So if you have a particularly popular post about this year’s hot trends in interior design, make sure you share those stats!

You might also consider lending some of your content out to larger magazines in exchange for a link back to your site, which will increase your legitimacy in the eyes of potential sponsors.

Affiliate Links

Join large affiliate networks like Amazon’s program. Whenever you send someone to a product and they make a purchase, you’ll receive a small cut.

When these are high-volume, you can make decent money.

Slip your links in where no one will realize they’re affiliate links. For example, when describing a room, you might say ‘It’s lit simple with small vintage lamps’.

The link is dropped in to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Display Advert Banners

If you have sponsors, they might want you to put up display ads for them.

Make sure you know what frames are available on your website for these, and get the right ones from your sponsor. They won’t be happy if you put up stretched images!

These work like affiliate marketing links – when people click on the ad, or make a purchase via the ad, you’ll receive a small cut of the proceeds. You might also be able to charge a small standing charge to keep the ad up.

Set up an Online Shop

Setting up your own shop is the next logical step in monetization, but it can also put you in direct competition with your sponsors.

To keep both income streams flowing, you might want to think of a slightly different niche to cover, so that your sponsors don’t lose out either.

Monetizing a Website

Whatever your topic – whether it’s a home renovation blog or a women’s health site, affiliate marketing and sponsorship will always provide ways for people to monetize their work.

In interior design, the possibilities are almost endless – from curtains to sofas, you’ll never run out of potential sponsors or affiliate programs.

Then sit back and let the money roll in.

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