How to Monetize Your Home Improvement Blog

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If so, you should consider starting a home improvement blog!

Writing a blog is a fun way to express the things you are passionate about. It’s your place to share design ideas from holiday home goods to cozy corners.

You don’t have to turn it into a professional writing career. But, you can get paid to blog with the help of a few simple tricks.

Here are five ways to turn a blog into a money-making business.

1. Bring a Product to Market

Your home improvement knowledge is your biggest asset.

Don’t give away your best tips for free. Instead, consider turning your ideas into a product you can sell.

The most common ways to do this on a blog are with e-books and online courses.

Writing an E-book

An e-book is something you can easily distribute via download.

You can write one all-inclusive book or start a series.

Don’t limit your topics, either. Consider writing about how to transform your favorite room in the house. Or, release new books based on seasons and holidays.

Think of this as an extension of your blog posts. It is a higher-value, more in-depth approach to things you already talk about.

This might not seem like much of a difference, but your readers will love it.

It’s an open door for readers to truly buy-in to what you do.

Online Courses

Try taking the buy-in a step further with online courses.

These take a little more effort to create, but they reap bigger rewards.

Online courses create relationships within your reader community. You can establish much stronger brand loyalty and make a name for yourself as an industry leader.

Courses are an exciting time for everyone. This is your chance to really show off your skills and show readers what they have the potential to do, too.

This may mean someones feels empowered to finally create that special space in their home. It could also mean a reader discovers their inner DIY designer with the help of your hands-on guidance.

Plus, you can get creative in ways that just blogging doesn’t allow you to do.

Consider making fun videos or working on special DIY projects as a group. Consider starting a community page for students to continue their interactions later on.

This allows for better idea generation as you move forward. It’s a way to open the door to ask for audience feedback with a survey or wrap-up web conference.

Whichever way you choose to create deeper engagements, make it about more than a price tag.

Focus on what readers need and how you can provide more than a regular weekly post.

2. Get Sponsors

If you love the consistency of a regular writing schedule, there are other ways to get paid to blog.

Try writing product reviews or referring readers to online shopping sites.

These don’t have to be just about design, either. You can write pest control reviews near Raleigh, NC or tips on finding the best lawn care services.

Reach out to brands you admire. Try to find small businesses or local artists to work with instead of going after big names right away.

No matter your direction, focus on creating a powerful pitch. Talk about the value your words can have to turn your readers into their consumers.

Find your niche and make it work.

The more you build a client list, the better your stream of income will flow.

You may even make a bigger name for yourself than you thought and decide to make that online course after all!

3. Offer Guest Posts

You can also use your blog success to get more value out of your partnerships. Talk to your product review and referral clients about guest posts.

Guest posts are blogs you write for someone else but use for your benefit.

This article will go on your partner’s website. It should be written in their voice and reflect what they already do.

As such, writing guest posts can prove to be a fun challenge. It makes you switch gears to take on someone else’s brand.

To benefit your business, the trick is to include a link guiding readers back to your domain. This way, you get paid to blog while building your brand’s traffic.

It can open your eyes to new opportunities and ideas for your page.

4. Sell Ad Space

Speaking of new ideas, why not offer ad space?

This is another easy and effective way to get paid to blog. You can sell your ads to practically any business involved in home improvement.

The opportunities are endless from home inspectors to new appliances. Or, you can market to a DIY-focused audience with ads for painting products and other crafting tools.

Try to align your ad clients with what you write about. This reaches readers much better.

Clients should notice a surge in response, which means they will be more likely to renew their ad contract with you.

5. Start a Store

As you grow your partnerships in the home improvement industry, you may find you want to do more.

A successful blog can easily evolve into an e-commerce site.

This takes ideas and turns them into tangible objects readers can cherish forever. You may choose to make your own goods or work with artists you’ve already written something for.

Either way, be sure the store reflects your brand.

If you write about bed and bath design, you should be offering sheets, pillows, and towels. Other good items for this store would be cute wall decorations or mirrors.

Or, maybe you’re all about simple accents and re-usable life hacks. Turn those into simple, beautiful products ready for purchase.

If you have a strong reader following, a store is the next logical step. It opens an entirely new world of opportunity to get paid for doing what you love.

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