How To Monetize Your Food Blog In 3 Easy Ways

monetize your food blog

Whether your food blog is a hobby or a serious venture, it’s going to cost you at least a little to bit to keep it up and running.

You need a domain name, which has periodic renewal costs, as well as website hosting. Hosting costs depend on your website traffic. Low-traffic website hosting is generally inexpensive, but high-traffic sites can prove expensive.

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If you don’t want to cover these costs out of pocket, there are several easy ways to monetize your food blog.

Let’s jump in and look at a few.

Monetize Your Food Blog with Ads

The simplest way to get ads onto your blog is to join an ad network. Ad networks act as middlemen between companies and website owners. Companies develop ads and the ad network displays the ads on the websites and blogs of members.

The blogger gets a fixed amount each time the ad gets viewed, displayed or clicked on. Ads are typically shown in a blog’s sidebar on the left or right-hand side of the screen.

Most ads only pay a few cents per view, so you need a lot of traffic to make serious money. Even modest traffic will help to keep your costs down, though.

A variation on this idea is a sponsored post that has a link a company pays a blogger to include. Sponsored posts are often written by the blogger, but not always.

Sell an Ebook or Branded Products

A different way to monetize your food blog is to sell an ebook you wrote.

You could write your own cookbook. If you live in a big city, get specific and write a guide to the best restaurants in your neighborhood. You could even write one about how to pick ingredients.

Then you offer the ebook on your site or through a third-party website that sells ebooks. Your blog audience is already a warm market for your writing.

Branded products are things like coffee mugs or pencils that feature your logo or slogan. You can buy the products ahead of time or use a third-party site that handles fulfillment for you.

Offer an Online Course

The combo of affordable digital cameras and free video editing software makes it easy to put together a short video course.

As with the ebook, the trick is to play to your strengths. One option is to do a course on running a food blog. Other possibilities are short courses on cooking staple foods, photographing food, or food writing.

Promoting a course is different than promoting an ebook. You’ll want to some sales copy on the sign-up page.

One of the best ways to understand sales copy is to see a good example. You can learn more by checking out how this estate planning company pitches a service.

Parting Thoughts

It isn’t difficult to monetize your food blog. You can join an ad network, offer ebooks, or even put together a course.

If you do decide to write an ebook or develop a course, just remember to stay true to your brand. Your audience has already bought into your unique voice, so keep giving it to them.

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