How to Monetize Your Financial Advisor Blog and Help Others Get Out of Debt

man holding sign

man holding signYou’re ready to start making money from your financial advisor blog. You’ve chosen the best blog and domain name, created your website and started posting great content.

And you’re not alone. Millions of blog posts are being written every day!

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But now what? How do you actually monetize your financial advisor blog?

Not every blog makes money. The truth is, it requires more than just writing great posts. Here are three easy, quick, useful ways to start capitalizing on your blog today.

How to Monetize Your Financial Advisor Blog: 3 Pro Tips

Implement one, or all, of these strategies on your blog. You’ll be surprised at the fun and unique ways you can generate income from your site.

1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

This is one of the easiest forms of income to set up on your blog. Once you have enough content, there are tools you can use to set up automated ads on your website.

You still get to choose where the ads are seen, but it offers an opportunity to make passive easy income. Every time one of your readers clicks on an ad you’ve got displayed, you earn money.

It doesn’t get much easier than that.

2. Sell an Online Course

People have taken to the internet to expand their knowledge. In fact, it’s estimated one in four students is enrolled in an online course.

Why not sell them yours?

You’ve already established you have valuable information people want access to, or you wouldn’t be blogging. Turning your most valuable content into a consumable online course can be a great way to monetize your content.

Once it’s made, your landing page and blog posts can have a pop-up to encourage enrollment. You can even run an email campaign to your existing subscribers, letting them know they should sign up.

3. Blog Consistently

A key way to get avid, loyal readers is to blog regularly and become a resource for information they care about. Make sure when your audience is reading one of your posts, they see that you offer a ton of great material on the topic.

For example, if you check out this article talking about student loan forgiveness age 65, you’ll see there are relevant links to other blog articles the reader may be interested in. This means someone who lands on the article will automatically recognize the site as a great source of info on the subject.

This is what keeps your readers coming back or gets them to subscribe. Ultimately, collecting emails so you can segment your audience and set up campaigns is what will grow your reach.

Once you’ve gained an email you know that person cares about your services, products, and information. They’re a valuable lead.

Got Words? Get Money

You’re ready to monetize your financial advisor blog. Use these three expert tips to start making money from your content.

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