Meet the Bodybuilding Bloggers Crushing It on Instagram

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bodybuilding logosFitness bloggers don’t just need to jack up their muscles: they need to jack up their online reputations!

When it comes to that task, Instagram is more than just a social media platform. Instagram accounts have a total estimated value of up to $37 billion. Because of this, bodybuilding bloggers who use the platform aren’t just showing off their muscles: they’re turning a profit.

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Here are a few bodybuilders on Instagram worth following for fitspiration and encouragement of your own social media ideas.

Jen Selter

Bodybuilder and model Jen Selter has been called “the Queen of Squats.” Her exercise regimens have earned her both fame and cash, and have also led her to help others become fit. She’s an online influencer who walks the line between fitness guru and beauty blogger because of the influence of modeling in her work.

Both on and off Instagram, Selter has been known to share healthy recipes and workout tips. This makes her one of the best bodybuilding bloggers to follow for both inspiration and practical advice.

Ricky Warren

Bodyweight exercises are an essential part of working out. Just one look at BodyweightGurus head coach Ricky Warren’s account makes it obvious that calisthenics can take you a long way.

Just as calisthenics and other exercises are essential to building a healthy and strong body, it’s clear that Ricky Warren eats right to bulk clean. This guy must really be eating his Muscle Up bodybuilding meals.

Both the emphasis of bodyweights and the clear presence of a healthy diet make Ricky Warren a perfectly inspiring fitness figure. Looking at his Instagram account makes it clear that you don’t need a lot of money or equipment to get in shape: just an honest commitment to living better.

Jen Sinkler

It’s not common to see girl power at the weight rack. This is unfortunate: women can gain a lot from weightlifting, and “traditional” gender roles should not limit these fitness goals.

Jen Sinkler proves something that should be obvious: women can also lift! And Sinkler, a fitness writer as well as a bodybuilder, provides great demonstrations of some amazing exercises.

Mike Marchese

Like Ricky Warren, Daily Bar Fitness founder Mike Marchese focuses on bodyweight exercises. But there is something about his account that makes it particularly inspiring. That is his emphasis on others.

On Marchese’s Instagram, you will find amazing images of people at different stages of their fitness journeys doing an amazing job at the gym. Inspiring people is the first step of becoming a great fitness blogger: this makes Mike Marchese incredible.

A Platform For Bodybuilding Bloggers

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